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Reiser2itchi: check the capture
lontradoes anyone have any ideas what i could do to get audio with flash? audio works with my other apps
actionstrong007 gud am all :)
strong007gud am all :)
Avochelmfoo, the release notes that mentioned networking stuff. how do you determine what network card you use? i think we use intel and on-board nvidia
itchiReiser2: That's a trouble with the locales
Reiser2: Btw, avoid root usage heh
itchiReiser2: He not yet reconize your special chars
itchiReiser2: You need to installd that iceweasel-l10n-it or es
Reiser2: Look if it's already installed with dpkg -i foo
jraaschI am still having some issues with my wireless card. Does it matter if under iwconfig that Access Point = Invalid? Also, also the Bit Rate is stuck at 1 Mb/s
Guerinjraasch: what in mode is your card?
s/what in/in what/
jraaschGuerin: Master
fooOk, on a successful reboot of the NIC coming up, it shows this in the logs: via-rhine.c:v1.10-LK1.4.1 July-24-2006 Written by Donald Becker , May 17 18:53:21 localhost kernel: eth0: VIA Rhine II at 0x1d000, 00:19:21:26:b4:e4, IRQ 10. , May 17 18:53:21 localhost kernel: eth0: MII PHY found at address 1, status 0x7869 advertising 05e1 Link 45e1. , May 17 18:53:21 localhost kernel: eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x45E1 ... when I ...
jraaschand would the Bit Rate be affected if the antenna isn't on yet?
foo... reboot and the NIC doesn't work, it doesn't show any of those lines ... any ideas?
I just upgraded from sarge->etch
itchijraasch: sure
bruno-cassol_question about my /etc/fstab. do i need to set -iocharset and codepage option for ext3 if i use protuguese characters () or it is just needed for FAT file systems?
itchijraasch: That make the 'quality' heh
jraaschitchi: so the access point = invalid doesn't mean anything if the card is acting as an access point itself?
itchijraasch: I dunno about that
jraaschitchi: do you know if you have to write a startup script enable to get iptable settings to stay?
fooHm, from : http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20050509 ... " At the end of my installation I found that the module for my Ethernet card was not being loaded, so I had no network. I know that my card uses the via-rhine driver, and typing "modprobe via-rhine" worked, so I added "via-rhine" to file /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 and all was well on the next reboot." ... hmm. I don't seem to have that file. Where is the file where ...
itchijraasch: Dunno too :-p I use a custom script for that
foo... debian puts the modules so I can add it?
itchijraasch: A basic bash script
abrotmanfoo: use /etc/modules
Wyzardjraasch: Use a firewall package such as FireHOL or Shorewall, rather than hand-writing a bunch of iptables rules
jraaschitchi: do you just write a custom script in /etc/init.d and it will then boot up at startup. Is that all you have to do?
itchijraasch: That is how i do, yes
fooabrotman: ok, that's what I thought. Thanks
abrotman: Any idea why this isn't loaded by default? Strange.
jraaschWyzard, our past employees have always wrote iptables rules. For right now, I would like to at least learn how to create them so that is why I am using iptables right now
fooabrotman: And why it works when someone does a ctrl+alt+del to reboot the box but not after a "reboot" is issued ? Darn strange.
abrotmanfoo: nope .. not my hardware :)
itchijraasch: Do you know how to make a custom startup service? Can be realy simply to do

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