#debian - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:09 and 00:17

damogryx: No idea :(
muhooauugh, i hate it when people talk about a kernel config option without specifying the CONFIG_FOO name of it, or the location of it in make menuconfig
muhoowhere is "bandwidth allocation" specified in usb?
GomoXI am growing a bit tired of debian sid atm, is there a reason I should use etch instead of ubuntu?
(desktop use)
muhooisn't ubuntu etch anyway? ;-)
GomoXdunno, precisely my point :/
muhooGomoX => #ubuntu
i doubt that anyone here will want to get into a debian vs ubuntu flamewar.
ryxwhat a shame. I tried quite a bit already, including reading howtos, installing stuff left and right
damogGomoX: What do you mean by 'tired'
GomoXit's not a flamewar it's a real question
I have been running sid for a while now
SuperkuhI have debian 4.02 on an alphastation 2/166, it's all fine and dandy, can ping the 'net, etc, but I can't get the main HD sda3 to boot read-rwrite, ala "type ext2 (rw,errors=remount-ro)"
ryxbut there's gotta be a simple gnome way to get a japanese input method
SuperkuhThe CDROM SCSI works fine.
ryxthe right-click menu of gnome-terminal includes such exotic stuff like vietnamese and thai
why not japanese
or rather, what's the package for it
muhooah, it is USB_BANDWIDTH
actionmuhoo goes off to try a new kernel
muhoogoes off to try a new kernel
StarScreamhey guys, i was wondering if there was a trick to getting network manager to work. With my ibook, my card is detected, it works via iwconfig, i have comented out the interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces.
it works for my wired networks
just not wireless .
VasisthaStarScream: have you restarted NM since you commented /etc/network/interfaces ?
(and the dispatcher?)
StarScreamVasistha: yes
Vasistha: well restarted the machine
VasisthaStarScream: yeah, that would do it, although it's a bit of overkill
StarScreamVasistha: the restart was not for that :)
VasisthaStarScream: what does it do when it's trying to connect?
GomoXI don't know, sid creates crust on the system, it kinda feels like windows
StarScreamVasistha: it doesn't "see" my wireless card.
GomoXI installed maybe 3 years ago
StarScreami don't get any option to connect
GomoXI'd like for the system to just work (TM) for a while

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