#debian - Sat 7 Apr 2007 between 02:17 and 02:27

liabletelinit 1
mfrischGhostlyDeath: grub usually puts it under your kernel or as root init 1 its gonna shut down all servers and stuff
Reiser2mfrisch: hi
liableor boot with init=/bin/sh
mfrischReiser2: hello how are you.
Reiser2mfrisch: fine man, fighting againts gnugk
is almost working
actionGhostlyDeath checks aptitude hostory
GhostlyDeathchecks aptitude hostory
mfrischReiser2: you should go the asterisk way gnugk has so many bugs!
Reiser2but asterisk can work with videoconference?
GhostlyDeathCOuld automatic mounters cause problems?
mfrischReiser2: it can even do h.323 sip and I believe iax2 also do video..it's is just harder to find clients
actionGhostlyDeath starts removing packeges hoping it will work
GhostlyDeathstarts removing packeges hoping it will work
Reiser2i will continue with gnugk
i have no time
mfrischReiser2: gnugk is sometimes used as load-balencing for asterisk
Reiser2the problem is: the documentation can solve my problem
there is no people that can help me
only mailing list, but i don't get answers
rubenitchi: It is fixed now :)
Reiser2i have server and 2 computers, i can't use gnomemeeting to comunicate between both computers, but without password
rubenOnly adding global config in the script
mfrischReiser2: asterisk is alot of fun and worth learning. #freepbx is great asterisk help with there twist. There is full installs that are done in a hour and have webui setup
rubenthank you!
mfrischReiser2: just put the ip in the clients should work without the server
Reiser2: depending on what networks they are on
Reiser2but i want to control with server
all in my network
itchiruben: Heh, what did you?
yes, you are right
Reiser2192.168.1.120 and
mfrischReiser2: try just using the ip and see what happens.
Reiser2server is
itchiruben: heh, that's a stupid bug buhahaha
Reiser2when i used user name but no password all is ok
check this http://www.pastebin.ca/427953 and http://www.pastebin.ca/427954

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