#debian - Fri 6 Apr 2007 between 06:48 and 07:03

zenbumwow... we've outgrown 32 address bits... hard to believe
wols_PAE exuisted for a long time now
nocturnwols_: yeah, but WinXP doesn't do it
zenbumPAE is a kludge... 64 bits is the way to go
dpkg<deb_noob> how do i open syslog? | <deb_noob> with kwrite?
itchiNo, with vim!
dpkg<Guerin> heh, I have a wife who, when not doing it herself, makes me do it
dpkg<mrvn> Broadcast message from root (Sat Aug 7 05:48:42 2004): <mrvn> The system is going down for system halt NOW! <mrvn> What the fuck is dselect/dpkg doing a reboot for? <trave11er> mrvn: for changes to take effect? ;-) <StevenK> mrvn: You *had* to move the mouse, didn't you? <mrvn> StevenK: damn, yes. I accidentally pushed it.
wols_nocturn: it does do it. server versions
itchiFrom where come these quotes?
wols_from dpkg
itchiYeah sure :-p
Is that a shared db ?
wols_it's dpkg's db
dpkgwell, blootbot is a severely mutiliated infobot (right now, the code doesn't even look like infobot any more), by xk. Homepage at http://blootbot.sourceforge.net. Archive is at http://www.nyip.net/~apt/blootbot. See blootbot debs now in debian, or if you didn't already know this you probably don't want to run a blootbot unless you're very good with perl, or http://wiki.debian.org/IRC/DpkgBot, or the latest svn has pgsql support.
itchiOr just only some stuff from this channel?
OwlEyethis channel and #debian on OFTC
itchiLike these fortune messages
riffffffffis there any meaning to underscores at the end of nicks?
dpkgHey owleye, #debian qotd52 is
OwlEyeah, the trigger changed
riffffffffsuch as rpedro_ and so forth
OwlEyeriffffffff, see it as a sign of alternate nick
zenbumriffffffff: is there any meaning to lots of f's at the end of nicks?
solarswols_, could you please take a quick look at the options you think are missing? I don't know what can cause this.. I have all the IDE drivers compiled in: http://pastie.caboo.se/52156
nocturnCU guys, thanks for the help

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