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rahulWyzard: it could still happen because of on-disk write caches
Wyzardruben: JFS also has good performance
itchimina_linux_Tux: I'm looking on the site you gave, but i dunno what foo2zjs is
rahulWyzard: ext2 has the same problem
Wyzardrahul: I've never seen the "file is now full of zeros" problem with any other filesystem besides XFS
rahulext3 can be set to full data journalling, so it can avoid that, at the cost of having all blocks go through the journal
rubenWyzard: whats is the 'better' for debian for a desktop at home?
mina_linux_Tuxitchi: may u please tell me how to get all the output of the make from the command line to know the errors that i have , and i'll post on the error i got trying to install printconf and come back ok ?
itchimina_linux_Tux: You want to scroll up?
mina_linux_Tux: shift+page up
Wyzardruben: ext3 is sufficient in most cases, and is well-understood and has good recovery tools in case something goes wrong
itchimina_linux_Tux: Or maybe are you better to redirect the output directly to a file
Wyzardruben: reiserfs performs better than ext3, but you'll find that some people say it's well-established and reliable (talking about reiser3, not reiser4) and others who call it "ricerfs" and accuse it of randomly corrupting itself for fun
itchimina_linux_Tux: ... when you do the make
Wyzardruben: In some informal testing I found JFS to be a bit faster than reiserfs and I'm using it now
rubenuhmm, interesting
bzedruben: I've used ext2 when there was no ext3, and I'm using ext3 now... and never managed to crash my disk in a way that e2fsck would have failed. except once, when the drive died
mina_linux_Tuxitchi: i did try to redirect but i did not get the errors only the first 5 lines, could you provide me with site you said about it rgarding the
rubencan I switch xfs to ext3?
or jfs?
bzedWyzard: I remember there was one thing why I didn;t want to use JFS.... I forgot which one, though
itchimina_linux_Tux: Somethings like make 2>&1 >> "/tmp/foo_install.log"
Wyzardnot without doing a backup/format/restore on the partition
bzedruben: not without re-formatting
rubenhehehe :)
rahulruben: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/faq.html#wcache
itchimina_linux_Tux: http://openprinting.org/p the cups site too
mina_linux_Tux: remove that unwanted p
Wyzardbzed: Lack of shrinkability is a bit of a concern since I use LVM, but my array is less than half-full presently so I can do the "copy to new, smaller LV" if necessary and I rarely need to shrink filesystems anyway
rubenuhmm, using cp -Rp or tar is a good way to do a backup?
litagei'm trying to remove an LVM logical volume, but it keeps failing with "Can't remove open logical volume "var-log-asterisk"". why would LVM think the LV is open even though ``mount'' doesn't list it?
rubenthen format and copy it
Wyzardbzed: I plan to evaluate ext4 when it's released, with an eye toward switching
mina_linux_Tuxwhat's 2>&1>>
Mark_Ironbzed: what about /dev/.statx/dev/fb0 ? .... I have such device ,, and DON't know why
mina_linux_Tuxitchi: what's 2>&1>>
Mark_Iron.static .. @ bzed
itchimina_linux_Tux: To redirect the stuff the standart output and error
bzedMark_Iron: you'll get it automatically when the module is loaded.
!tell Mark_Iron about udev

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