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NY Lost Funds

leehyou have an ISP mail server to send through
in which case you want the second.
concept10one more shot before i goto work
stonedconcept10: I used bullshit advertising, lots of UTTER ABSOLUTE bullshit and put my PC up for sale on craig's list. Lets see if anyone is dumb enough to buy it. http://newyork.craigslist.org/que/sys/321617677.html <-- look at the amount of bullshit advertising. HAHAHA. I don't NEED to sell it, I just wanna see if anyone in NYC is dumb enough :D
_kaiser_hello, I am having problems with a short shell script, it is hanging on executing dd, can someone please take a look? http://rafb.net/p/wZeLAY43.html -- it is only about 5 lines. thank you.
fuzzy_logicwols_: what does that mean?
wols_with 8million people? probably
concept10stoffell, heh
mutantpineapplestoned: ever tried to make a mint on ebay?
fuzzy_logicwich ip adress should listen on for incoming smtp connections? just my internal ip adress?
concept10stoned, thats a monster box :)
harknow, you advertised on irc too ;p
valdynfuzzy_logic: probablyy
LoevborgCan someone help a gpg-newbie? I'm trying to verify a signature, e.g. from Sam Hocevar on d-d-a. In Enigmail, however, I get UNTRUSTED signature. I did sign the signature in "key management" though. Any idea?
\amethyst_kaiser_: skip=$sectorb
leehfuzzy_logic: if that box only has an internal address, and your router has the external address
\amethyst_kaiser_: you presumably want skip=${sector}b
_kaiser_\amethyst: why? $sector is the variable, and I need b as the suffix...
\amethyst: oh
leehthen the only thing it can listen on is the internal one
\amethyst_kaiser_: but $sectorb is a variable named "sectorb"
fuzzy_logicleeh: yes.. that is the case.. so my internal ip is, should i use that one?
_kaiser_\amethyst: ty :)
\amethyst_kaiser_: also, instead of doing output=`cat foo`; echo $output...
_kaiser_: why not just do cat out_write_stat
_kaiser_\amethyst: was just trying to break it up more to find where it was hanging....
\amethyst_kaiser_: still, isn't that going to be saying skip=DONNIE JONESb ?
fuzzy_logicPlease enter a semicolon-separated list of IP address ranges for which this system will arbitrarily relay mail, functioning as a smarthost.

You should use the standard address/prefix format (e.g. or 5f03:1200:836f::/48).
jetscreamerhark: whell that's gay ( re k3b )
thanks for the spammage, fuzzy_logic
concept10that son of a bitch tux continues to elude me
omriNAT is evil :)
wols_NAT is the saviour of the internet
omriis bridging simple on linux?

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NY Lost Funds