#debian - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 01:10 and 01:31

Amarandeif you're running gdm, no one should be using starx
SnugglesYeah I'm running kdm.
Amarandeer, startx
yeah, you don't need to run startx if you have a display manager.
if the display manager won't load, it means x isn't configured right
daeosabrotman: so a cronjob to rsync the 2
actionSnuggles will be right back, maybe.
Snuggleswill be right back, maybe.
abrotmandaeos: taht's one way
actionabrotman throws 11 runs at enouf :)
abrotmanthrows 11 runs at enouf :)
Amarandeblah, I wish shipping wasn't such a ripoff for this
I need to order some rear slot covers
but ordering one $3 item from compusa.com is going to probably cost me more than that in shipping :|
enoufabrotman: cut it out! .. i turned if off after pettite broke his arm!
_SkareCrowHello, I have just recently installed Debian etch and went in and configured the /etc/network/interfaces and set eth0 to static, I restart networking and the IP changes to the IP I specified... When I get disconnected and the server reconnects the IP goes threw DHCP... Anyone might know the cause?
Roeyanyone else here have a Wacom? Why is it that my 9x12 only gets interpreted as having a 6x8 drawing surface?
cwheelerI have lotsa slot covers Amarande come over and i'll give you one
enoufRoey: mught try ##linux for a larger audience
aalex__Guerin, ok. found that it is effortlessly supported ;)
enoufwell .. not larger, but amother avenue
er another
daeoswould anyone else have an idea on the rsync option that abrotman recommended?
Guerinaalex__: most older than a few months are
Roeyenouf: thanks
nzkIs there an irc server in the reops
pipelineapt-cache search ircd
minusHow do iget out of the INSERT mode in Vim?!
nzkWhen I try to install packages, sometimes I get errors like "This and that are not found on PATH" and the install aborts. How do I fix this?
SkareCrowminus: press <esc>
aztec105Hello all has any one here used imspector?
minusSkareCrow, Thnx!
SkareCrow, How Do i save then?
SkareCrowum, i forget what it is to just save
minusOr does it autosave?
SkareCrowbut to quit and save you do <esc> then type :wq

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