#debian - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 09:30 and 09:39

fireba11stew no way .. who ? :-)
b_jonaswell, I'm using this one because the local mirrors gave me problems
but the problematic packages seemed to be the GAP ones
so I'm not too worried
nothing should depend on them, and I'm using a version I've installed from source anyway
and gap had installation problems already
\amethystwhee, broken dependencies in sid! /me is happy again
b_jonasok, let me see the next step
LLcoolM\amethyst: perl -e 'my @sect; my $changed=0; while(<>) { if(/^diff/) { print @sect if $changed; ($changed,@sect)=(0,$_); } else { push @sect, $_; /^(\+|\-)[^+-]/ and ++$changed } } print @sect if $changed;' original.diff > simplified.diff
would that be ok for both + and -?
harkDawnLight: moment.. gtg
LLcoolMi am not sure how perl handles the [] if it were a set operator then it should be ok
\amethystLLcoolM: /^[+-][^+-]/ works
b_jonasaptitude install libfam0 xlibmesa-glu
\amethystLLcoolM: note that this will miss diffed lines that began with a - or +
stew/^[+-] / would work too
\amethyststew: nope, no spaces
LLcoolM\amethyst: diffed lines always begin with a + or a -
LLcoolMor what do you mean
\amethystLLcoolM: I mean, that originally began with a + or -
Mazingaroplease could anyone help me to setup a syslog server?
as this is only kernel diff it should be fine
Dave_is_sexyHi fellow debnonians. can anyone offer support on bootloader/config options that will fix my win2k partition. kinda need it for some things
\amethystLLcoolM: To fix that, you could ignore the two lines immediately after the diff line, and use ^[+-]
dutchfishDave_is_sexy, is your mbr ok still?
\amethystLLcoolM: So push @sect, $_; @sect > 3 and /^[+-]/ and ++$changed;
Dave_is_sexyyes it's all fine. the problem is simple. i had 2k on partition 2 (primary, non-bootbale). it booted from an unused xp install on partition 1 (primary, bootable). installing lilo into the mbr and overwriting partition 1 with debian = no boot references for win2k
abrotmangoogle "debian grub windows howto"
Dave_is_sexy..because they were on partition 1 in xp's boot.ini and other asociated fles
dutchfishabrotman, for lilo?
stewoh crap, i forgot this server is running horde
abrotman: upgrade it for me
Dave_is_sexyabrotman: yes, i've done all that. hence coming to irc for help
abrotmanstew: they have the groupware1.0 tarball now :)
dutchfish: s/grub/lilo :)
dutchfishabrotman, there i lost you ...

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