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tvynrrpc: Good deal. Just remember, virtual or not, there's really no way to control what gets sent to you.
rpcand that's ip-based, if it works... i'm done :) as i wasn't able to force the interface to use 10mbit :/ that would be still too much anyway, i want to make them 5mbit max
hm yes... in fact the bandwidth will still be in use... they just won't see that
btw i can still shape outgoing... and that's even more important right now :)
tvynrrpc: Usually is, yeah. :) I used to try to tune that stuff myself but I replaced my firewall script with Shorewall and v3 has a built-in shaper.
rpc: And it does a nice job, so I've been content.
rpchmm so you recommend shorewall? i stopped by that one for a sec too
it does have shaping in fact..
tvynrrpc: Indeed I do. I use Debian and the mainline Debian packages are a bit lacking. But the shorewall developers make available their own Debian packages. I'm running Shorewall 3.2.4 on a Debian Etch firewall I haven't touched in months. 's been doing great.
rpcand i found one more thing... one can efficently limit incoming traffic by seriously limiting OUTgoing traffic.. now that makes sense :)
karstenrpc: yes.
rpchello and nice to hear from you :)
karstenrpc: In fact, that's the _only_ way you can really regulate incoming traffic.
rpc: You can deny stuff, but you can't stop remote from sending it (they'll just retrans).
rpclooks like i just hit the gem lol
karstenrpc: However, given tcp data, if you delay your acks, they'll have to wait for 'em.
rpcright so that's what tvynr said before
karstenrpc: tcp handshake is your friend.
rpcright, it will be kind of passive defence, forcing source to wait for acks and in fact it will slow down the heat
tvynr thank you about the opinion on shorewall as well, will probabaly have a good look too
karstenrpc: ... and that's something that's in the protocol stack, so anything that's coded to protocol (most anything) will meet it. If it's _not_ coded to protocol and it's flooding you, your defense is upstream blocking, DNS tricks, selective routing, etc.
that was a really good lesson
rokfitcan anyone please help me? I've installed some system fans and I boot my computer to command line. I log in and startx, but x doesn't start. It says no monitor on (0: 0)
silly question
karstenrokfit: Did X work before?
rokfitkarsten: yes
actionkarsten dropships rokfit a time machine.
karstendropships rokfit a time machine.
rokfit: Problem solved.
rokfiti tried a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
didn't fix it
karstenThat was my next suggestion.
Check your card seating. Did you jostle anything in the system? Remove and reseat GFX card, and all cables.
peterS'no monitor' makes it sound as though you plugged the monitor into the wrong vga port, but that's unlikely
stevepastelanCan I make it so that a directory behaves like an scp or ftp client?
GeorgeS069rokfit: you might try re-seating the video card though I doubt it's gonna help...maybe you bumped it messing with the fans
stevepastelanI mean, so that it mirrors a remote directory always
karstenAlso run 'lspci' see if you can find your gfx card.
rokfit: I've gotta split, talk to channel.

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