#debian - Wed 7 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:34

abrotmanit was the reboot!
ssstormylol I didn't reboot
now I have to ask, is there a way to bridge all 3 of my LAN ports to the WAN port?
muewhat's the differende between modules snd-intel8x0 and snd-intel8x0m?
AzarCallahad: if I would use Sid for testing and reporting purposes I would have to create a log and write down every move I make by the hour and time from the simplest command to the downloads, compiling etc... so to know what happened at each moment
CallahadAzar: It's a dance you learn :) Also, having virtual machines handy to narrow down user error is nice.
abrotmanmue: modinfo ?
CallahadOh, damn, it is a problem with the debs.
actionCallahad scurries off to bugzilla
Callahadscurries off to bugzilla
AzarI would like to read somewhere how a package gets debianized :)
just for kicks
ok found articles :)
CallahadDamn. Looks like a fix is already been uploaded, and my mirror hasn't sync'd.
stonedman I gotta finish packing
Moriartyi m really sorry to busy you
there are Freebsd user there?
stonedMoriarty: #freebsd
but need to be register
GuerinMoriarty: so register
stonedMoriarty: /msg nickserv help
thank you
arf i m sorry
Azarhehe nice to see about the "control file" from where Recommends, Suggested are showing up
and there is where apt-get kicks good
PrMoriartythank you a lot for your help
LiENUSwhy is firebird 1.5.3 labeled firebird2?
schmeWhat is firebird?
dpkgextra, extra, read all about it, firebird is the DFSG-free version of Borland's InterBase: http://firebird.sf.net/ If you want the web browser, see Firefox
LiENUSits a database server

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