#debian - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

itchiDebianBox: I get more with my broadband :-)
leads me to believe something is wrong
diskusmaybe it's doing thru the internet?-)
itchiDebianBox: You need to define it before playing with it, i think, otherwise you loose some time
peteweezI've worked out some problems with my mail system but some still persist (and Thunderbird always thinks it knows what I want better than I do! Grrrr...). I set up T-Bird to receive mail from an IMAP on localhost.localdomain. When I don't enable SSL, i asks me for my password, then says that the login failed and auth.log says login disabled. When I enable SSL (which worked this morning but strangely not now), it says connecting t
itchiDebianBox: But i insist (i think), like it's some time back and i have not play much with it
bzedDebianBox: echo 400000 > /proc/sys/dev/raid/speed_limit_max
DebianBox: that'll make it faster. probably it'll also make your box less useable
DebianBoxi dont much care
abrotmanbzed: isn't it like .. 4am there ?
bzedabrotman: no, 5am :D
DebianBoxwhat do i do to undo it?
abrotmanjust making sure :)
itchibzed: -1 minute :-p
bzed!beer itchi
actiondpkg pulls out a fine Franziskaner Hefeweizen for itchi
dpkgpulls out a fine Franziskaner Hefeweizen for itchi
bzedhah, finally a good one
itchibah, i want Pisan, buerk beer
DebianBoxcontinueing to go down. now at 11000 minutes and 464k/s
bzedDebianBox: raid5 or 6?
itchiDebianBox: What's the capacity of the HDD?
bzedand which kind of hdd?
bzedon a fast box?
abrotmansata i or ii ?
itchiDebianBox: oh 500GB?
bzedor a sata controlelr in a PI ?
I think my 600GB raid5 was initialized within a day or so
DebianBoxsata II, but set via jumper to function on sata I, the card is an sata I. all 3 drives hooked up to it. it is not a hardware raid card (IE: it does not have a raid processor on it)
all three drives are formatted as one big partition, and all are 320GB
12500 minutes 412k/s
bzedthat's slow
peteweezWhy won't Thunderbird connect to my local IMAP server? It's not failing to connect or timing out...it just connects but never prompts me for a password and never downloads the mail
DebianBoxthanks for finally noticing
bzedDebianBox: do you probably miss DMA transfer?
DebianBox: driver issues
anything liek that

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