#debian - Fri 30 Mar 2007 between 08:19 and 08:25

fireba11bzed: 2.6.18
mina_linux_Tuxam i offtopic , even if am i , give me any pointer
bzedCrypticfortune_: that's at least good to know. I'm wondering how that can srew with ldap
fireba11: why does it want to use 2.6.17 sources then?
fireba11bzed: never said anything about 2.6.17 sources
bzedmina_linux_Tux: I'd try updating to a more recent kernel version or probably switching to etch, there're a lot of buggy things regarding hotplug and usb devices fixed
filemoverIm trying to compile gspcav1 video driver to get my logitech quickcam 5000 working Ive enabled all the right modules in the kernel but still get errors pertaining to kbuild.include file can anyone help
bzedfireba11: Makefile:486: /usr/src/linux-2.6.17/arch/i386/Makefile: No such file or directory
Crypticfortune_avahi was completely disabling my network.. (how? i don't know, because i couldn't log in). but once avahi-daemon started, i ceased to get pings from my box =p
rpcfireba11 what is the exact kernel that you use?
fireba11bzed: from when is that ? ^^
bzedCrypticfortune_: you can configure your computer to use avahi for network settings. neither sure if that's the default fi you've installed that daemon or how to configure that at all
fireba11: that's form your pastebin
fireba11bzed: what pastebin ? ^^
bzedfireba11: oh no,
that was from filemover sorry
filemover: which distro are you sing?
filemoverits ok
fireba11rpc : 2.6.18-3-vserver-amd64 right now
filemoveri installed debian on my hard drive throgh knoppix
bzedfireba11: there's 2.6.18-4 out
filemoveri did a complete dit-upgrade
rpcfireba11 thank you
bzedfilemover: you still want to ask in #knoppix, they';ve changed a lot of stuff
bzedfilemover: or at least use a debian kernel
Crypticfortune_i haven't configured avahi for anything. i just left it enabled in case any mac users wanted to borrow my printers...but i'm really surprised that something would be telling avahi to use -wrong- network settings (normally my settings are from dhcp)
fireba11bzed: i know .. i need to recompile vmware modules for that, that will take a bit so i'm waiting for a good time to do that .. it's working fine right now, last crash was 3 weeks ago
filemoveri just thougth because its debian packages u might know some stuff but its ok
rpcfireba11 so you say that you have never ever seen TSC probs in messages on that kernel?
mina_linux_Tuxbzed: how can i figure out the reason for the boot hanging at this step to at least give a reason in my report asking for upgrade ?, i did check the var/log/dmesg but can't get any thing related to the step of hardware initilisation
fireba11rpc: no, never
filemoveri used an older version of knoppix to do it so there might be some issues
anyway thanks
rpcfireba11 and how about such stuff? Mar 30 11:34:16 mindstorm kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out
bzedmina_linux_Tux: if it hangs while loading the proprietary module nobody will be able to help you
rpcfireba11 especially after some heavier traffic on br0
filemoverbzed i upgraded the kernel as well does that help

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