#debian - Sat 24 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:11

mfrischetrask: if you want x86 it will work.
GreaseMonkeyrpc: what's the app that's sucking the most memory?
etraskI dual boot on here (AMD64) but am going to nuke windows and start it over... thing is, the boot record is on that drive
GreaseMonkeyif it ain't critical, kill -9 pid it
etrask(and I really need to wipe that whole drive, it's got a trojan)
rpcGreaseMonkey well kernel chose the two using most mem but still they weren't using more than 75% of available one
etraskand mkbootdisk doesn't work on AMD64 apparently
rpci really want to protect them.. any way to ban kernel from killing those?
cuscoetrask: if the amd64 is x86_64 yes
mfrischetrask: install amd-64 use qemu for windows set up the partions how you want.
cuscomfrisch: I thought about that.. its just I never tried it... would you be able to boot?
mfrischcusco: what x86 on amd? sure.
GreaseMonkeyi actually have to use linux seeing as my hard-disk is a little dodgy, and i NEED a reliable OS
and i survive quite nicely
cuscomfrisch: have you looped a netinstall on your hd?
PenguinOK I am printing debootstrap, I hope kxconfig will work.
BlueParrotis something more anoying than downloading a 635 iso and then have the checksum fail ?
god I hate my isp ...
mfrischcusco: oh that no I don't have that much time to waste ;-) but being able to do something and if its feesable are two different things
rpcBlueParrot could be few last bytes missing.. check filelength
mfrischBlueParrot: who is it?
cuscoright :p
BlueParrotmfrisch: some minor company called purple-squared some sort of sublicensed company of BT
mfrischcusco: I guess it would save isos
cusco: I guess it would save cds
BlueParrotnot my decision... landlord included it in rent ...
cuscomfrisch: yea.. I see your point
use grub to load the initrd and the vmlinuz ... I never done that
mfrischBlueParrot: why haven't you just used the netinstall cd. You have a chance then.
dpkgwell, bittorrent is a P2P file distribution protocol. BitTorrent is also the name of the original BitTorrent client, available in Debian. other clients include bittornado, ktorrent (KDE), rtorrent, qtorrent (Qt) and azureus (only in contrib)
lewis2if you have two <Directory> chunks in apache2 config file contradicting each other, which wins, the deny or the allow?
rpcdpkg: and utorrent via wine :)
DawnLightdoes anyone know how to change the system font for openoffice.org?
SupaplexDawnLight: murder a former wordperfect developer? ;)
rpche he
please check for /dev/wife first though :)
concept10Say for example I make some changes to my .zshrc.. How do I reload them without logging out/in? is this possible?
DawnLighti don't get it Supaplex

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