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Wyzardcld2: If you're not using aptitude already, then none of your installed packages will have the "was installed automatically to satisfy dependencies" flag, so it won't automatically remove any of them
dondelelcarocld2: ls -t /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list
streunercld2: if you using etch just look into /var/log (dpkg.log)
cld2Wyzard: so if I used apt-get im s.o.l. on the purge unused.
Wyzardcld2: What you can do is launch aptitude, highlight the "installed packages" heading and type 'M' to mark *all* packages as having been installed automatically -- aptitude will mark them all for removal
cld2dondelelcaro, streuner: thanks.
dondelelcarocld2: no, you just have to mark the packages that you aren't sure that you want as automatically installed.
Wyzardcld2: then go through the package list and type '+' on the packages you want to keep -- that'll clear their auto flags, and unmark them and their dependencies for removal
cld2thanks again guys.
Wyzardcld2: When you're done, you'll have a proper set of aptitude's auto flags, and packages you don't need will be marked for removal
I usually do that right after installing Debian, since there aren't many packages installed yet and it's easy, but with a bit more work it can be done on an existing installation too
dpkgTo list uninstalled recommended or suggested packages: aptitude search '~RBsuggests:~i!~i'; upgradeable packages: aptitude search '~U'; manually installed packages: aptitude search '~i!~M'
lokkju_wrkis there a relatively aimple way to get gtk 2.10 (or higher) on a debian etch box?
WyzardGTK 2.10 packages are available in experimental, but they're not really ready for use
Last I checked, the "engines" package hadn't been updated, so themes wouldn't work
markybobi wish gnome in debian wasnt bastardized
WyzardAfter etch is released, GTK 2.10 will go into unstable and then backports.org will probably have a build for etch
dondelelcaromarkybob: then jump in and help out the gnome team
markybobdondelelcaro, doesnt seem like it's their fault. like Wyzard, everything's been waiting for etch for quite a while time now.
i should get a medal for that grammar job
Well, D-I RC2 is available now and the RC bug count is dropping, so hopefully etch isn't too far off
markybobWyzard, ever time there's a debian release coming up i magically forget how delayed the last release was and hope for the best. then of course, history repeats itself. might explain why i cant keep a woman
lifehello, I just installed Debian, and I am running KDE 3.2 ... but my screen resolution is 800 x 600, and there is no other higher resolution to put in the screen resolution wizard
smacnay_Which is preferred - twolame or toolame? Or just get lame?
lifeis it because my KDE is old, and if it so how can I upgrade it?
Wyzardsmacnay: I believe twolame and toolame make MP2 files, not MP3
smacnay: The compression isn't as good
smacnay: Use lame if you want MP3
fantasmawhat does "---" mean in the menuconfig of a kernel?
Wyzardsmacnay: or use oggenc to make Vorbis files :-)
dondelelcaromarkybob: that's part of the problem; you can't just hope for the best... you've got to jump in and help out
markybobdondelelcaro, i actually tend to agree with what murdock stated a couple of days ago and dont think that outsiders can really do much to help the situation
dondelelcarowell, it's kind of ironic that murdock is an outsider...
cld2can anyone suggest a good automounter for a headless box. no gnome-vol-manger.
cuscowhy not?
DawnLighti've inserted a cd with some files in it with filenames in hebrew, encoding unknown to me. while i know they are supposed to be hebrew all i see is ????????.* in th file manager. now i am seeing hebrew iso-8859-8 alright in the file manager. my first question is if it is true what i assume, that i can only view filenames or anything else for that matter using one encoding at a time because of the inability to automatically detect th
cld2cusco: if thats to me, because gnome is not installed, and I dont want to install it or gtk just for the gnome-vol-manager
SillyGcld2: automount

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