#debian - Wed 21 Mar 2007 between 00:28 and 00:38

dpkgThe current date is 2007.03.21 3:27:10 (UTC of course, this is *NIX)
karstenFatalErrorX: current ballpark looks like Apri/May 2007
Sazpaimonso when I try to compile certain things I get ": multiple definition of `__i686.get_pc_thunk.bx'" errors
It's happened with a few things so far
FatalErrorXthanks karsten
Sazpaimonis this a common thing in debian?
GuerinSazpaimon: ask in the channel of whatever language it's in
SazpaimonGuerin, I checked on google and noticed that it's mostly debian having this issue
mezmiroGuerin: Okay, I'm going to try 1152x864 first and see how it goes.
Sazpaimonso i figured it'd be best to ask people that were having this issue
GuerinSazpaimon: so you already know the answer to your question. Now go ask if people know how to fix it.
mezmiroGuerin: That is a bit better.. Interesting.
i found all this shit out when trying to use a celeron 450 as a video-playing box
Guerinit worked fine until x264 took hold
mezmiroYeah I've heard lots of bad things about x264
Guerinmostly from haters
Guerinit's an awesome codec, it really has superb quality per size
it's just a bit young
mezmiroHmm..so I guess it's even newer to Linux then?
Guerinwell, not really
it was first implemented by apple, for a while it was known as `quicktime format'
SazpaimonGuerin, it looks like the solution is to upgrade to gcc 4.0, which i did, but gcc -v is still returning 3.3
mezmiroWow, quicktime..
GuerinSazpaimon: change the gcc symlink
Sazpaimonoh right
mezmiroI never would have guessed.
Sazpaimoni would have thought apt would have changed that, heh
Guerinthe windows/linux implementation is x264
more properly, the non-crapple implementation is x264
mezmiroGuerin: Any idea what happens with MPlayer when it gave me those errors before?
Guerin: The "error opening/initializing -vo device" etc etc. That happens when I use the GUI for MPlayer, but it works fine from bash.
Guerinmezmiro: you probably have the wrong -vo output set as default. change it in .mplayyer.rc or whatever it's called
harkor in preferences->video or something
amphimezmiro: echo vo=xv >> ~/.mplayer/config
mezmiro: or whatever driver you like

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