#debian - Wed 28 Feb 2007 between 00:09 and 00:16

n3klHi. I would like to start watching stats on my network, such as machine interface bandwidth usage and memory usage of my other debian boxes and display graphs similar to what ntop can do for traffic passing through through the interface. I believe snmp is what I am looking for, yes? and also, what sort of tool would I need for the graphing? Any software packages tha tpeople woudld recomend?
gukI don't know about setting up snmp but mrtg seems to be nice for graphing that stuff
http://solosoft.org:81/monitor/ <-- a default mrtg page
n3klguk: hmmm, does it do host stats, or just network load stuff?
gukI think it does about everything ... like im not 100% positive but im sure googling the page would bring you to the home site
bluedeathIm looking for a distro I can install on a computer with 96M of ram
for some reason suse 10.1 won't
gukwhich would prolly get you started in some way ... (you would be surprised what supports snmp) I found a nice windows app which can scan all the active IP's on your network and check them for snmp ... my cable modem supports it ... and so does my router ...
bluedeath: debian should be able too run on that ...
n3klguk: cool, I will check more into it. thanks
gukI wouldn't expect too much outa that machine tho ... it'll be really slow
bluedeathguk- with xwindows too ?
guk- the swap is 2gb...
gukyeah ... but you would have to use somthing like windowmaker or like fluxbox or somthing
gukbluedeath: yeah but when it swaps the system will basicly "lock up"
gukand shoot the load up to like 10.0 and make the mouse all choppy
actionbluedeath cry
Guerinbluedeath: 96MB isn't much for an x box
gukin my honest opinion ... I find linux slower then like windows xp on the same system (running KDE or gnome)
Guerinbluedeath: it'll run, but you need to not run things like kd/gnome/firefox
gukno it isn't much at all ... I would recomend somthing like windows 9x or like ... dsl linux ... (damn small linux)
run opera ...
Guerinfuck opera
bluedeathactually I forward the X server to the windows machine
gukon somthing thin like windowmaker ... it might almost be bareable
bluedeathbut it doesnt seem to affect the speed much
gukno ... but the system will swap to cheese if you try to do anything on it
Guerinbluedeath: should be ok then
bluedeathguerin- no, I mean, it was hell slow on a system with 256M
gukit will have to be as minimal as possible ... have you ever looked into somthing like gentoo ... where you could build it as tiny and optimized for that system as possible
Guerinbluedeath: only if you run gnome/kde
guk(of course there is a larger learning curve with that method) but if you want to get it to run that's pretty much your options
Guerin\gentoo is a retarded idea for that box
bluedeathguerin- and when I typed free it told me 96M was used as well as 300M of swap, and that was without x-windows
Guerinit'll take months to build
gukI wouldn't think so ... you could compile the apps with as minimal support as possible
and only compile what's needed

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