#debian - Sun 25 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

liablelinux2: we all suffer a little dyslexia every once in a while :)
Azaracc_: it was said somewhere that those who upgrade from Sarge > to Etch / as opposed to fresh install will miss some features..
... that could be installed separately
linux2liable: lol. isn't that true
ansonthat worked linux2 thanks
linux2Anson: well your not done yet
netdaemonanyone know how i can add gtk themes to xfce?
linux2you need to tell debian to load that at boot, otherwise you will have to hand enter it each time your reboot
acc_Azar: You're saying that this could be resolved by comparing the .debs on each machine and bringing the upgraded one up to date?
ansonhwo do i do that
Azaracc_: the Etch installer brings new things (not sure which, since I did not installed) that the upgrade will not have
linux2Anson: hang on one sec. the file layout of debian got changed so im looking for it. just give me one sec
acc_Azar: hmm, okay thanks
ansondo i use xfree86 with ati drivers?
liableacc_: run 'dpkg --get-selections > file.txt' on both boxen an diff the files
linux2Anson: you would need to use xorg for that
Anson: on edit the file /etc/modules as root
ansonok one second
linux2and add mousedev to it
ansondo i just add modprobe usbmouse?
or just usbmouse?
acc_liable: thanks
linux2usbmouse and mousedev
both on separate lines
without the modprobe in front of it
ansonis mousedev for ps2 only
i think i might be
linux2im not exactly sure about that
ansoni have somthing in there that says psmouse.. should i take that out?
linux2Anson: no, you can leave it in there
ansondpkg-reconfigure xorg?
how do i edit xorg
eisen_often trying to start without any xorg.conf at all works
liable!drxx acc_
dpkgacc_: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 [or xserver-xorg if you're using X.org] (as root). If you have edited the X config file by hand, or used some other program like xf86config, ask me about <xmd5>
eisen_strange as it may seem
ansonthank you it worked

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