#debian - Sun 18 Feb 2007 between 09:24 and 09:53

jelly-homeamee2k: nah, you should have mount --bind before mounting /mnt/var
User_FriendlYamee2k: perhaps if you find a program that lists files on a specific partition you can make a bash script... ?
jetscreamerzomg it is stfu'd !!!
eshaaseanyone know of a way to get apt-get to display colored output?
jelly-homeeshaase: LSD?
tarzeaujelly-home: not as easily to get as to get the source and patch it
eshaasejelly-home: haha, cute
Dark_ApostropheHello. On my network, I have two Debian Etch computers. One has a Brother HL-2030 b/w USB laser printer. Does anyone know how to set that computer up as print server, ans the one that doesn't as client?
jelly-hometarzeau: I'm not fluent in c++
tarzeaujelly-home: why do you think it's c++?
cuscoDark_Apostrophe: probably with cups
jelly-hometarzeau: ldd `which apt-get`
tarzeaujelly-home: no
Dark_Apostrophecusco: I'm using CUPS on that computer already
cusco: But I don't know how to set it up as the network print server
cuscoDark_Apostrophe: http://localhost:631/admin
Dark_Apostrophecusco: It's not this computer
jelly-hometarzeau: I suppose it might be something else but using stdc++ library for fun and games
tarzeau: not likely though
cuscoDark_Apostrophe: edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to allow your ip in, then hit that server's ip port 631 on your webbrowser
Dark_Apostrophe: then tick the option "share published printers connected on this system"
then connect to that printer trough IPP
dpkgdeborphan is a package that will tell you what library packages you have installed that nothing's using. If you want remove all packages use 'deborphan | xargs apt-get -y remove --purge', or a nice tool to clean up grown debians. http://tinyurl.com/jukag provides a nice guide to several more steps to reclaim big chunks of hdd.
x_linkI-kido: Cool =)
OkitaI'm trying to create .deb packages, hopefully with svn-buildpackage, but the instructions seem to differ wildly from creating a .deb file by hand
Don't i need a control file? If so, I don't think it's mentioned in the svn-buildpackage docs
tarzeauOkita: which version of svn-buildpackage do you have? dpkg -l svn-buildpackage ?
Nicon-I installed the mysql-sever package and removed it again. purged the /etc/mysql & /var/lib/mysql dirs. reinstalled the package. but it refuses to install the initial configuration nor database. How can I proceed?
jetscreamerdid you rm -R it?
Nicon-jetscreamer: yes.
asgNicon-: /msg dpkg confmiss
jetscreamerdid you apt-get remove --purge is also
or was purging the rm
Nicon-jetscreamer: the rm. not --purge

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