#centos - Mon 7 May 2007 between 01:04 and 02:07

twb`OK, so assuming unionfs isn't around as a pre-built rpm, how can I make an rpm for it? That is, the CentOS analogue of module-assistant or make-kpkg on Debian.
Supaplexhunt for a srpm?
jmghey all
back again
twb`Supaplex: there isn't one, that's the whole point
Supaplexbut you don't want to make your own srpm either, right?
jmgmore problems with pygrub, this is so frustrating
Rastafyahcan someone tell me why Centos is not letting me to install OpenVZ with smp kernel support?
twb`Supaplex: all I really care about is being able to make unionfs mounts on a CentOS server
Supaplexwell, you can do it by hand. ftp://ftp.fsl.cs.sunysb.edu/pub/unionfs/
twb`Yes, but if someone asked me the same question about Debian, I'd say "noooo, use the proper framework". There surely must be some framework to turn kernel modules into RPMs.
jmgwhere can i find the xenU kernel images/ramdisks for centos 5?
domU i should say
Supaplextwb`: well, centos isn't debian. you're free to make your own srpm for it. maybe debian's just better ;) haha.
twb`So you guys don't make srpms or rpms yourselves?
`LonlyBoyOk, this is going to sound dumb and basic, but why does centos keep starting into an Xtrm window and now the full login.
jmgi wouldnt do anything that could remotely benefit those deadrat scum
twb`jmg: and yet you use their code?
jmgtwb`: not by choice
twb`Indeed, I'm in that boat
Which is to say, I wish to blazes these servers were running something that complied to ANY policy documents
Chipdancerjmg: did you find your answer regarding domU images?
jmgChipdancer: yes, in the end i created my own ramdisk
initrd i should say
this whole experience has been quite chilling
Chipdancerjmg: is that usually necessary for xenU under CentOS?
jmgi think i will add an alternative install method to the wiki
Chipdancer(I'm in the middle of trying to create my first donU host)
jmgChipdancer: i dont know, since I never got it to work using the reference instructions
Chipdancerme neither
jmgvirt-install seems to me to be the most useless hunk of junk ever
Chipdancerit breaks part way through too, from what I recall last week
jmgheres what i did to get a real xenU initrd: mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.6.18-8.1.3.el5xenU.img 2.6.18-8.1.3.el5xen --with=xenblk --omit-lvm-modules --omit-raid-modules --with=xennet -f
Chipdancerquick too
have you managed to begin an install yet?
simeis there a packages.debian.org for centos?
jmgim using jailtime images
no need/want to run install

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