#centos - Sat 5 May 2007 between 00:01 and 02:03

hollywoodbjust save the trouble and use system-config-network
amigamiadoes anyone here have the Horde Groupware Webmail Edition implimented and actively used?
SophWiseI have set it up in the past, but not an active installation
right now
it does setup no prob on
the users are really used to that environment so i need to perpetuate that for them.
SophWiseits a good system
it does the shiznit
amigamiayour a programmer sphowise?
SophWiseyeah, why?
amigamiai just wondered
SophWiseyeah, PHP, Perl, Windows & Linux apps, etc
arcaneooh bug in centos 5 cd 1 - if you use the X installer, and you unselect EVERYTHING - it still requires the use of extra cd's
however if you do it via the old gui it works fine, and only needs the cd1
GiantPickleHello all. I'm having difficulty find what the best way to install OOo-2 on CentOS 4.4 is. Should I just download from openoffice.org? or is there a CentOS rpm somewhere?
or something even better? =)
amigamiaheh GiantPickle
Vanpriestexcue me how do i execute ajava program (.jar) under centos?
SophWisePickle, you there?
GiantPickleSophWise: yup
SophWiseHey, just wanted to let you know that its best to download direct from OO.o
GiantPickleSophWise: thank you
SophWisethe packages in the repo are quite dated
are you able to upgrade to CentOS5?
OO.o RPMs should install just fine on CentOS 4.4 and 5
GiantPickleIt's a production ltsp server... I'd rather not mess with an upgrade at the moment
SophWiseoh, gotcha, thought might be workstation
GiantPickleyeah... if it was a workstation, I'd have done that already.. =)
THanks again
SophWisesure, np
Vanpriestexcuse me how do you install a rpm.bin files?
SophWiseWhat program for, is it a java program?
Vanpriest, what type of program is it?
bobnntypically you execute it and it puts an .rpm file somewhere close by
ultramookieBrownie: Hi

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