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jroysdonI'm trying to install CentOS as a GuestOS under VMWare. Actually, I have it installed, I'm trying to get the VMWare Tools working. I need the kernel source/headers... what RPM contains this, or do I have to do a fancy yum-utils command to get them?
I'm using Centos5,.
roselineXHi. Has anyone here installed Flash Media Server on centos? I'm having a problem where it runs for a few minutes, but then completely blocks all incoming and outgoing traffic on the server.
FosterSomeone have adobe illustrator cs3 Key or the crack file ??? pleaseee
jroysdonGet lost, Foster.
Foster - call this number and ask: (202) 324-3000
lang72Foster: http://www.inkscape.org/
Fossybaer: http://www.inkscape.org/screenshots/index.php?lang=en
jroysdonWhat happened to kernel-devel? What is that contained in now?
ooooh, duh! I already set exclude=kernel*
I need to save that step for after I get the base system set up :/
RadSurferlooks like I'm not the only C5 gnome user not auto-mounting dvd's!
kintaro0ehi guys..is there a tool that will monitor you client desktop who are downloading too much files and consumes bandwidth?
Kazuhirokintaro0e, http://lists.netfilter.org/pipermail/netfilter/2006-January/064458.html
Feelinghi people
hi people need some help on vsftpd, i have a weird delay between the "Connected with www.axxx.com. Waiting for welcome message..." and welcome message??????
wolfyFeeling: check reverse dns
lnxkdeEvolution, hows that repo with beagle going?
Feelingwolfy: check reverse dns how???
wolfyFeeling: I'd say the server does a reverse DNS on the IP of the client. but the check is blocked (a firewall with -j DROP instead -j REJECT for instance)
wolfy: vsftpd was working great! then i install ispconfig, then started to make a delay on the waiting welcome message
i don't know want you mean to check for dns reverse
how i can check that????
jroysdonHow can I force yum to install an unsigned rpm? I really just want yum to solve all the deps, but there should be a way to override it...
so_jroysdon, use localinstall
jroysdonthat will tell it to ignore the signature?
so_jroysdon, I use localinstall to solve the deps, then run yum to install the deps, and then install the rpms with rpm, although I check in rpmforge and other repositories first
jroysdon, no, but it will resolve the deps for you
jroysdonso_ - ah, ok, I just modified gpgcheck= in /etc/yum.conf [main]
so_I usually leave it on, use localinstall to resolve the deps, install those manually before installing the rpm
jroysdonyup, gotcha. I turned it back on once I got the rpm installed I needed
actionjroysdon is trying the localinstall method too (safer, I suppose)
jroysdonis trying the localinstall method too (safer, I suppose)
same diff: Package dtc-0.23.0-0.noarch.rpm is not signed
So, how can I have localinstall resolve the deps (that is, get the deps actually installed?)?
(I'm trying to automate this whole install, and there are 20+ deps, so I don't want to manually type them in, and they may change over time or say in CentOS vX)
Are DAG, Dries, and NewRPMs safe repos?
peercewell, you can selfsign your packages, with a key you generate with gpg, then install that key

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