#centos - Thu 3 May 2007 between 09:12 and 09:32

oktaysucks for remote installs you know.
buffdaemonPHP Warning: Unknown(): Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/etc/apache/l
ib/php/20050922/mysql.so' - /usr/local/etc/apache/lib/php/20050922/mysql.so: und
efined symbol: OnUpdateLong in Unknown on line 0
how can i remove this line?
oktaybuffdaemon: extensions.ini .. see if that file is on the server
oktayor install php-mysql
buffdaemonno i have installed zend package for php
its in the modules dir i mean mysql.so
oktayok. what is your question then?
Evolutiondoesn't matter. this isn't software that centos ships.
buffdaemonits saying unable to load dynamic library for mysql.so
Evolutionbuffdaemon: it would seem that you built apache from source
or you're using cpanel or something else of the like.
apache is from my centos cd
Evolutionbuffdaemon: not if it's looking in /usr/local/ it's not.
buffdaemonoops sorry
JxMxLis this Unable to find libpq++.h
supported in centos ?
EvolutionJxMxL: we happily support the software we ship. if you rebuild it, or install from source, then we have no way of knowing the exact root of the problem.
so if we ship it, we support it.
JxMxL: as for your unable to find foo.h, you can use yum to find out if it exists.
JxMxL: yum provides 'libpq++.h'
JxMxLEvolution i did install postgresql-libs
but i didn't find that libpq++.h
oktaybuffdaemon: i didn't see the 'undefined symbol' line. you have a different problem.
EvolutionJxMxL: for .h files, you usually need the devel package.
buffdaemonplease let me know
JxMxLas postgresql-devel
buffdaemonhere is my error again
PHP Warning: Unknown(): Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/etc/apache/lib/php/20050922/mysql.so' - /us
r/local/etc/apache/lib/php/20050922/mysql.so: undefined symbol: OnUpdateLong in Unknown on line 0
oktay( :
EvolutionI'm really not sure how to make the first 5 words of the topic any clearer.
oktaythis is definetely more PC than kicking :)
Evolutioncompounded with the fact that it's not even our software....
actionEvolution goes to work
Evolutiongoes to work

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