#centos - Sat 19 May 2007 between 19:30 and 19:41

i feel stupid
lemme do that
heh, there we go, my bad, thanks ;o
RadSurferservices restart httpd?
ivazquezservice httpd reload
augustzI've got a /boot partion and the remaining space is in /
all formated ext3.
how can I resize this so that the / takes up very little space. Trying to convert to lvm
This box is a server box, so can't just throw in a rescue cd :)
but can affort to lose what is on it.
phlitehi, how do you enable php in apache ?
ivazquezyum install php
phlitephp.i386 5.1.6-12.el5 installed
so thats all u have to do?
ivazquezAnd reload httpd.
phlitei try to open a php page and it doesn't display anything
ivazquezNot displaying anything doesn't mean it isn't installed.
In fact, it usually means that there's a bug in the script.
the phpbb worked just fine on my other box, i just copied the directory here, that should be ok eh?
ivazquezUm, what about database support?
phlitei imported the db
ivazquezThat's nice. What about database support?
what are you asking? i have mysqld installed and running with the right db loaded?
something else im missing?
ivazquezThe base php package doesn't support any databases.
ivazquezYou probably want php-mysql as well.
phlitewhat package is that then?
php-mysql.i386 5.1.6-12.el5 updates
does that mean its not intalled?
sorry im just new to centos and yum
ivazquezIf it says "installed", then it's installed.
Otherwise, it's not.

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