#centos - Sun 13 May 2007 between 00:01 and 03:15

ephraimyes it finds the version but not the latest 2.0 ?
does it exists in centos distro
Biff`Not in C4 at least.
I need to install 5 at home.
hi dan.
SwordManXhey do I need to run a chroot-bind server to set up names within my network
lets say i have a centos box for testing out sites
and software
dan__tchroot is recommended, but not necessary.
bind is required.
SwordManXdrupal.centos.com, wiki.centos.com
any documentations to set that up withina network for centos
dan__tunless you sync /etc/hosts between all machines to reflect a dns setup.
Yes. It is documented.
SwordManXdo you have a link ;/
yeah i was considering that dan__t
dan__tcentos.org/docs/5/ is a start
main node offline for maintenance
I want to move back to Denver.
HAIDENim glad you guys didnt update the kernel on centos 4.4/5
the 55 kernel has issues with GFS and RHCS
and lvm2-cluster
donavanwhat 55 kernel?
zxvdrthe 2.6.9-55 kernel, and it was because there was a delay between releasing the kernel and the kernel components of rhcs/gfs
donavanthat would be the 4.5 kernel IIRC
donavanahh, so redhat didn't release rhcs/gfs at the same time?
they're available now iirc, but there was a weeks delay, therefore anyone that tried to setup cluster with 4.5 had issues
RadSurferANYONE know if a Dazzle80 Video Dongle can be made to work in Centos 5?
Chipdancer_RadSurfer: does it have a Red Hat driver?
RadSurferdidnt come w/1, that never stopped anyone:)
it is a USB video capture device/dongle
Chipdancercheck out the v4l

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