#centos - Fri 11 May 2007 between 00:02 and 01:22

craigbass1976I yum installed mysql, or tried to, but found that it was already installed. Grepped for the mysql rpm just in case, and it's there. No mysql or mysqld in /etc/init.d though, so I'm not sure how to start it. Did something change between cent4 and 5?
evil_stevecraigbass1976: did you install mysql or mysql-server?
one's the client and one's the server
craigbass1976Grrr. Forgot.
evil_steve, did it used to be yum install mysqld?
evil_steveno, I was having to do a yum install mysql-server in 4.4 AFAICR
craigbass1976I must have always done it during the OS install with 4 then.
Evolutionit's been mysql-server for ages.
stormzenI had a Centos 4.4 installation on a single CPU machine. I've upgraded to a Duo Core machine, and I'm upgrading my Centos 4.4 installation to a Centos 5 installation. Will I end up with the correct kernel to utilize both CPUs?
Evolutionstormzen: no.
stormzen: though what you're saying sounds very much like you should just reinstall.
you're upgrading machines, AND distro versions...
why not just reinstall and then restore your data?
stormzenEeew... really don't want to reinstall, though... too much crap to figure out regarding security / permissions, etc.
Evolutionactually, there is no smp kernel anymore.. so yes.
you would end up with the right one.
stormzenah. Guess I kind of lucked out there.
( I never got to the point where I was comfortable recovering the entire server ... just the data. ... and then I needed to upgrade the hardware. Well, as long I was upgrading the hardware, I figured I'd upgrade the software as well... bad choice, then?
There is no SMP kernel anymore? FC6 has SMP kernel... Centos 5 really doesn't?
wolfystormzen: the default one is smp enabled
Chipdancerwolfy: yeah, have done that in the past, but was after something a little more practical for large networks
wolfyfor large networks setup your own local repo
Chipdancerwolfy: I'm preferably after something that doesn't require an open fileshare but don't want to mirror entire distributions
wolfydownload (ftp, rsync, whatever) the stuff locally
and point all your machines to your own repo
mirror just the updates
and mount -o loop the dvd image
Chipdancerwolfy: already have the dvd image done like that
wolfyso, what's the actual problem? just install a ftp or httpd server on one machine and make it share the /var/cache/yum dir
if you don't want to create a real share
although I see 0 gain in this approach
ptomterhow can I upgrade centos easily ?
donavanptomter: man yum
stormzenanyone ever have the installation for Centos5 freeze on the last file?
( when upgrading ? )
evil_stevestormzen: when installing, yes, when upgrading, no
stormzenOk. What did you do when it froze when installing?
( I guess it never does it's run-once thing? )

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