#centos - Thu 10 May 2007 between 00:04 and 00:55

evil_steveor, isntall it, install up2date, and then use up2date --showall
that'll give yuo a nice list
StarScream/join #slicehost
sorry guys
not sure why that didn't work
RadSurferis anyone willing to try to compile a kernel module for me? I'm having zero luck. it needs an expert ;)
its very small :)
jmganyone know where i can get a centos 4.4 xen kernel image?
RadSurfer31.4kb .tgz file
jmgtrying to boot jailtime
Chipdancerwhat's special about jailtime images?
linux_probesuppose I should migrate away from 4.2
radovoipevil_steve, you do me a favor?
evil_steveuh oh
yeah, sure
Chipdancer: they're a prerolled image that don't seem to work on current versions
Chipdancerevil_steve: so I should ignore jailtime for the time being?
radovoipevil_steve, well, think I'm doin it...trying to set up an ATrpms.repo and...
evil_steveChipdancer: if you rolled Xen on C4.4 (like I did), they're perfect
Chipdancernaa, I've gone straight to c5
I've not got 2 c5 domU guests
evil_steveif you want a image that will boot on C5, give me a few weeks and I'll have a minimal one done
radovoipevil_steve, lol I just kinda scared is all
evil_steveI've got guest Image requests coming out of my arse (literally!)
radovoipevil_steve, oh ya...you be proud of me!!
mettallicathello ... is possible to install centos from an ftp .. using only 1 cd
evil_steveradovoip: sorry, you're trying to isntall the atrpms repo, or your trying to set up your own version of the atrpms repo?
mettallicat: yes
radovoipevil_steve, I'm just gettin started w/asterisk atrpms...lol I just barely got the repo key installed in yum
mettallicatevil_steve: can you share with me that info please
evil_steveat the first prompt, type "linux askmethod"
go throught the prompts and select "ftp install"
point it at a ftp server
answer question
poor beer
drink beer
mettallicatevil_steve: so i only need to download one cd ?
evil_stevethe first CD, yes. You can also download the "boot.iso" from the images/ folder on the mirrors

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