#centos - Tue 1 May 2007 between 03:00 and 04:21

kernel06i'm looking for driver for airlink 101 mimo pcmcia for centos 5
npmccallumkernel06: what is the model number?
UltraBreadwhat is better rhel5 or centos 5
all aren ot dx9
what is better rhel5 or centos 5
what is better rhel5 or centos 5
dan__twhy are you asking in here, and why are you repeating.
UltraBreadcentos channel
dan__tSo, this being a CentOS channel, why would you ask if RHEL is better?
UltraBreadbecause let truth be known
dan__tYou already know the truth.
EvillThere is no spoon?
no, the spoon was added later on in post production
EvillMore appropriately.. the truth about RHEL and Centos is... THERE IS NO FORK!
orlockWhat is better.. a brick or a pizza?
EvillPizza, definitely.
UltraBreadso rhel is better?
EvillYou can fill the box with sand and use it as a brick after you're done.
ronaldoUltraBread: instead of asking which is better you should ask yourself what is the difference
orlockEvill: damn, iwas going to say "but what if i want to build a house?"
UltraBreadno difference betwreen copy and original in this case
it makes me wonder
perfect copy
Evillorlock: :)
ronaldoif your company requires commercial support or your ISV requires RHEL
UltraBreadhow somebody can borrow 100% of somebody's product and make it its own
EvillI anticipated either that or "but what if I want to throw it through someone's window?"
ronaldoaltough there are enough companies supporting centos too
orlockUltraBread: GPL
and they are not calling it "their own"
ronaldoand where exactly is there a redhat product
orlockthey are pretty public about where it all comes from
UltraBreadso why you had to remove all notions of redhat
ronaldothey are mostly packagers
orlockUltraBread: trademark, not copywrite
UltraBreadnot even thank you note?
EvillUltraBread: Sounds like you need to read up on what open source is.
ronaldook guy please go spend some money for rhel if your really want

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