#centos - Mon 30 Apr 2007 between 14:17 and 15:33

aquarius_dag: you are right, i still have irssi-0.8.10-1.2.el4.rf
i'm goung to update it and see what happens
dagaquarius: I'm trying to fix it, how should I credit you ?
(now says: aquarius_@freenode)
aquarius: also, you can investigate yourself by looking at (and comparing) the buildlogs
aquarius: so you don't need me to verify and/or fix :)
ok, the change fixes the problem so I'll be pushing 0.8.10a-2 now
aquarius: thanks for reporting !
aquarius: it takes some time to sign, generate metadata and upload so you may want to downgrade to 0.8.10-1.el5 until it is released
aquarius_dag: you can use my email address in credits.. i have reported irssi problems about a week ago in rpmforge mailing list...
well, i definitely don't want to downgrade since the older version segfaults which is much worse
dagaquarius: damn, I must have missed it
aquarius_dag: no, you didn't!
dagah, it was about the segfault ?
aquarius_you actually released 0.8.10a-1
that's the one
dagok, great
so going back to 0.8.10-1.el5 is not really a solution ;-)
aquarius_i'll rather miss scripts than not use irssi at all :)
dagaquarius: http://dag.wieers.com/attic/RPMS/irssi-0.8.10a-2.el5.rf.i386.rpm if you want a trial (it is not signed)
aquarius_dag: i'll try that, thanks
dag: the utf8 characters in my name got scrambled... maybe it's not good idea to use them in changelog...
and i can confirm that the same issue appears in centos4 with 0.8.10a-1
my wifi connection relly sucks today... and the weather is nice... see you guys tomorrow... and many thanks to dag for quick response
dagaquarius: yeah, utf8 and pine sucks (never could make it work properly :/)
chuckingrare there trusted repositories to get extra app and drivers?
dtgormafternoon guys
erstazihello DTGorm
Meierchuckingr: depends if you trust them
boudiccaschuckingr; dag has a good repo, asi is the kbs repo too
Meierchuckingr: http://wiki.centos.org/Repositories?highlight=%28repositories%29
chuckingrmeier thanks, i am hoping to be able to get my wireless working with not to much fighting
mluserDoes anyone know of a repository where I can grab jed editor rpm's?
peercewhats 'jed' ?
Fiveran editor
craigbass1976I'm trying to get apache with apxs, and yum installed httpd-devel. I didn't se it in the list of things getting downloaded. How do I knwo if I have this or not?
Forget it, I found it in /usr/sbin
Zathrusmluser: I don't see jed in any repo I'd trust. Besides, vim is available!
seekwillHi. How can I unpack the files out of an RPM without installing it? I read the rpm man page but didn't see anything related.
dan__tseekwill, check out cpio

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