#centos - Sun 29 Apr 2007 between 00:13 and 01:54

Daemoenhey guys, anyone know a good tool to mount a vcd .bin/cue file ?
daMaestroconvert it to iso and then loop mount it
i think it is http://giyf.us/cue2iso
hmm it is http://giyf.us/bin2iso
and then: mount -t iso9660 -o loop /path/to/image.iso /path/to/mount/point
drbair_laptopI'm trying to make a perl script for use with Centos 4.4 that does some directory monitoring. I was hoping to use inotify... but the kernel is too old. Next attempt was gamin, but the perl module seems to be hopelessly broken. Any other ideas?
BSAFHi used gamin perl under 4.4 with no problems
DavidHKMrPowerswhy do I have two php packages installed while 'which php' only showed one?
MegloOh man. I can just hear World's Smallest Care Bear just carin' its lil' heart out from here.
MCM2anyone active right now?
dr00lNot much activity
MCM2no there isnt
well my question is how do you change users in centos when you login via ssh
dr00lare you trying to change to root?
MCM2from root
i created a new user and on my VPS I am root and I dont want to be root
dr00lfrom root to another user..... su - <username>
dr00lfor instance su - drool
dr00lyou're welcome
actionMCM2 is used to OS X Unix where you have a gui
MCM2is used to OS X Unix where you have a gui
I know enough to get around and what NOT to do but thats about it
but hey I can learn and get help
dr00lgotta start somewhere
and I cant thank you enough for helping me logout of root
dr00lif I were you, I'd be logging in as a normal user via SSH
then su to root when required
MCM2I am looking at it right now
hmm I could point my extra IP to that you think that would work cause logging in to the VPS server wont let me use my other user name
dr00lare you logging onto the server via ssh
MCM2the VPS yes
you should be able to log on as a local user
dr00ldo you have a local user created?
when I say local, I mean on the VPS
MCM2well I be

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