#centos - Thu 19 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:16

D-sideugh these people are insane. i need a reputable site to get two gig (pair of 1gb dimms) of pc2700
$99/module is insane.
linuxpoahello, how to install centos 4.2 in K6 II machine? install options is linux i586 ?
D-sideno point in doing anything other than i386, especially not on that dinosaur.
personally i think you'd be better off installing the k6-II at the bottom of a lake. :D
evil_steveD-side: now, be nice, it would work great in a trebuchet or ballista
Tini_cpnEvolution: ahh.. i know your msg :'( :'( :'( sorry. very so sorry. so. you are Evolution :)
D-sideEvil_steve: ooooh thanks. you reminded me i have to find that desktop trebuchet kit i found online today
helfrezD-side, there was on on gizmodo, but thinkgeek also sells a nice one
lang72linuxpoa: Debian might be a better distro on old hardware
linuxpoa: #debian
$23 USD
keannethe hba driver is recorded in hwconf, so i think it the module is loaded before the network initialization takes place
linuxpoalang72, my K6 is my firewall machine, centos 4.3 server is i586, but boot: ???? linux i586 ??
lang72, sorry centos server 4.2
lang72linuxpoa: Firewall? Use Debian or OpenBSD. Smaller and and more tuned for old stuff
linuxpoalang72, ok thanks friend
lang72linuxpoa: But in theory it is only two things that really matters: Disk and RAM. You can use Centos if you got enough of those
linuxpoa: My Linux router have 16MB disk and 4MB RAM. It runs http://openwrt.org/ . Linux can be used on small things if you choose the right distro
D-sidei'm not sure i see a real NEED for centos on something thats going to be a firewall
on THAT hardware
linuxpoalang72, i need squid and apache
evil_steveD-side: I got a p90 with two 10-base-T cards in it
does that work for you?
D-sideEvil_steve: you're one of "those", aren't you
lang72linuxpoa: Debian do have squid and apache
D-sideyou've never thrown out a machine in your life. :D
bobnnwhy would an install of debian be better than a minimal install of Centos?
evil_steveD-side: yes, I have, I filled 3 hoppers when I moved at christmas, and gave away another 20 odd machines to the local LUG
that only left 2 truckloads to move
linuxpoaD-side, last case, in LTSP station !! ;)
D-sideEvil_steve: its a start. good luck. :D
bobnnp90 is a good doorstop
lang72bobnn: It is easier to install a small Debian and then add packages then install Centos and then remove packages
bobnn: The installer alone in Centos needs a lot of RAM
A Buffalo Linux router with 100Mbit switch, wireless network, 200Mhz CPU, 16 MB disk and 4 MB RAM costs around 40 Euro
It can run OpenWRT Linux
bobnna wrt54gl costs 59 USD

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