#centos - Sun 15 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:11

RonHEvil - Can I boot into a non-xen Kernel? I don't have anything but the Xen kernels listed.
z00daxRonH: if its installed, you can boot any kernel you like
RonHOf course the whole purpose of this box is to test Xen, so other than for testing purposely of seeing if its Xen related, I have no interest in not running the Xen kernel.. LOL.. its not a huge deal really just more annoying than anything.
z00daxRonH: you are not parsing too well. you want to boot the xen kernel but not really boot it ?
DTGorm`this is nice...
However, SSH2 private keys have no standard format. OpenSSH and ssh.com have different formats, and PuTTY's is different again. So a key generated with one client cannot immediately be used with another.
Using the "Import" command from the "Conversions" menu, PuTTYgen can load SSH2 private keys in OpenSSH's format and ssh.com's format. Once you have loaded one of these key types, you can then save it back out as a PuTTY-format key so that you can use it with PuTTY.
im gonna try that
RonHZ00dax - No, I want to boot Xen.. I just don't get the rhgb when I do.. I have to hit ALT-F7 to get it to come up..
Otherwise it just sits at the text login.
z00daxRonH: that sounds really odd
evil_stevez00dax: it's a xen/rhgb problem, file a big and someone will look into it
z00daxdid you do an automated install of some sort ?
Evil_steve: humm why should I file a bug, i dont have that problem:)
RonHNo straight x64 off DVD
He means me I am sure.. LOL
evil_stevez00dax: hush
RonH: it's a xen/rhgb problem, file a big and someone will look into it
z00daxno one is going to look at it, unless there is a reproduceable case
RonH: well, was the install automated, a kickstart perhaps ?
RonHNope, not automated.
Mikeonlinejust curious: a fly flies around here in my room and she is so speedy that my hand feeled a soft air draft
RonHWhere do I report it at? I did do 2 installs to makes sure it wasn't just a screwed up install
evil_steveRonH: it's not exotic hardware?
RonHAnd it did continue to do it even after I installed all the available updates.
Evil_steve - HP DL360 G5
z00daxRonH: bugs.centos.org - and include all three files from /root ad the anaconda syslog file from /var/log/ directory in the bug report
dl360 ?
evil_steveand the hardware specs
z00daxyou have a monitor connected to a dl360 ?
RonHDual-Dual Core 2.66ghz Xeon 5150's, 8gb ram.. Yeah, it has a local monitor, keyboard, and mouse to it.
z00daxyou are either deaf or will be soon
RonHLOL.. yes, very loud..
z00daxyou do know that God gave us KVM over IP for a reason...
the serial console, however, was the work of the devil
RonHz00dax - Oh, it will be on a KVM, but I wanted to do the install locally.
RonHI tried doing it through the ILO but that was causing strange issues with the mouse.

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