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kaiyangok i see... so i shd just remove all the plugins just to play safe?
timmay(mini-wm 466):GTK-WARNING *** Cannot open display: :1
cant get to shell
deepsawhat command you trying to run?
timmayisnt there a way to do this in non graphical mode (install centos)
bobnntimmay - ctrl-alt f2 doesn't get you a shell?
timmaynope | im stuck in the install startup
right after x server starts
How do i run setup in non-graphical mode?
deepsaboot: linux text
timmaythank you
macmanlukewhat filesystem would you all recommend on a centos 5 server?
deepsait requires 2.6.19 minimum ne581
centos 5 comes with 2.6.18
ext5 ain't there Timmay
macmanlukei was thinking of running JFS or XFS but they dont appear to be supported in centos?
timmaylol j/k
Evolutionmacmanluke: use ext3 and tune it properly.
you'll gain far more from tuning the filesystem properly
xfs support is a centosplus feature, and should only be used for data partitions, not OS partitions *IF* you choose to use it.
sigwerkits just like tuning a 4 barrell carbeurator, except different
Evolutiondetails for tuning are on the wiki.
it's pretty straight forward.
timmaywill 64bit work faster on an old system or slower?
EvolutionTimmay: that makes almost no sense.
LuvRedheadsmaybe on like a commodore 64 ? :)
Evolution64bit has nothing to do with if it's an old system or not.
timmaythats what i thaught
Evolutionif the processor supports 64bit instructions, then you have a 64bit system. after that it's all about clock cycles.
timmayjust uses the cpu differently
EvolutionTimmay: no. it depends on the CPU.
you can't slap a 64bit OS on a 32bit processor.
actionEvolution wanders off to bed
Evolutionwanders off to bed

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