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rado__linux in a flashlight huh?
so_rado__, a fleshlight actually, much more disturbing
a poor quality troll at best
rado__lol I have no clue wtf that is
is that some kinda sex deal?
so_rado__, yes, yes it is
rado__you gotta be shitting me!
oh Lord....what's next!
so_anyways, you won't be installing linux on it, it's just a hunk of plastic and latex
rado__I just put a new skylite in...came out nice but the neighbors upstairs are really pissed!
wow on fleshlight
well looking at the name....ya it all fits...dikdik
so_, kk you have good nite k?
bobnnrado__ - lol on the skylite
rado__uh huh
crosseyed....to the bed...nite
gumleefI've been experiencing some random freezing with Centos 5beta x86_64 after the box is left on for a few hours. I don't really know how to diagnose this at all apart from looking though /var/log
there's nothing unusual in /var/log/messages, but /var/log/faillog is massive in size
-rw------- 1 root root 137438953440 Mar 30 2006 faillog
can someone tell me what process writes to this file - i see no entry in syslog.conf
(i realise that faillog is probably unrelated to my crashes otherwise i'd see the timestamp closer to the current date)
the faillog file is larger than the size of the partition its on. what does this indicate?
any attempts to look at it dont work, e.g. tail /var/log/faillog just hangs the process
bleeterman faillog
gumleefok thanks, but running faillog just hangs the process too
bleeterif faillog is filling /var partition, i wouldn't be suprised if the system is 'randomly' crashing out
you might want to try, in single user mode, using the faillog switch to reset the log
just a guess
though, you prolly mnore importantly want to work out why it's got so big
gumleefi have only one partition - everything on /
and its not full
so the faillog file is crazy in size and, what, a sparse file?
i don't want to remove it until i can read some of it
well, 'faillog -r' hangs too so I've just deleted the file
what writes to the file anyway? the getty?
how does one diagnose a random freeze?
its happened about 5 times now, so its reproducable
Aquavette2k1Anyone awake this morning?

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