#centos - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 14:48 and 15:10

Olorin2for starters, clean the out the mess that don't belong there
rsimpkinsCodeX: Yes, but you have an advantage over me. I only speak English. You speak two languages.
CodeX: Perhaps you can charge $110/hour for the extra language. ;)
i am asking hiar cous i try to improve my english too
Olorin2Then sort it out according to chains, run the script, dump the config with iptables-save and reload that one with iptables-restore, or simply, use a frontend like ipkungfu.
And that advice was for free!
CodeX: you wrote it youself right?
and but i have use website www.linuxhomenetworking.com for help
Olorin2The last part belongs in /etc/sysctl with the correct syntax for that file.
e.g net.ipv4.icmp_echo_ignore_all=1
yes, ok
Olorin2Further on, the moduless in the top should be put in the modprobe.preload? file.
peerceyou might also be better off with these HOWTO's rather than that linuxhomenetworking site, much of which was contributed by folks who are somewhat unclear on the concepts. http://netfilter.org/documentation/index.html#documentation-howto
CodeXbut if i do it whit lokkit yum works good
and whene i run that script thene i can use http and the oder port what are open
peercethen examine the scripts lokkit generates
or just use them
CodeXbut what about DoS attacs
is lokkit good for it to ?
peercewhat about them?
if your network circuit gets flooded, nothing you do can help
do you go around inviting DoS attacks?
CodeXno but i like to learn the optimal protection methods
peercefor something to be 'optimal', you must define your metrics
sigtermcodex: optimal is having the majority of the (bad) stuff filtered out at your isp before it gets to you.
peerceand,of course THAT requires defining 'bad stuff' rather closely. :D
sigtermbut don't hold your breath on that one unless you have some cash onhand
exactly peerce
peercelast time some scriptkiddie DoS'd me, they knocked my ISP's main DS3 circuits (4 different ones to different peering points) offline for 18 houors. my (small) ISP was kinda steamed.
i bet
peercethis was over channel banning a persistently annoying troll
whom i suspect was about 13 from his behavior
so_25 going on 13 with the internet as a loaded gun

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