#centos - Mon 26 Mar 2007 between 00:23 and 01:21

jsharperanyone know of an ncftp rpm for rhel/centos?
so_jsharper, in centos extras: centos.karan.org
jsharper, hmmm scratch that, it looks like it may have used to be in there
jsharperyeah i thought i had looked there
i found a src rpm that looks like it was from fedora and it built ok
so_I'd grab the FC6-extras one and try that
so_or if you're on EL4, use the FC3 one
jsharperim on c5 beta
ddnhi all
who told me installed ZoneMinder?
so_good, bad?
ddnwell I can't
so_ddn, best I can say is try to take it up on their forum http://www.zoneminder.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6086&sid=e9d8f881fa05a35a4280e5f5c0fa73c3
giod_whats a good iso burner for centos
anyone here
jbtgiod_: mkisofs,cdrecord, tho i never used any of that
so_giod_, I use k3b, lots of people talk up gnomebaker
I can use cdrecord, but I'm lazy
I need some help with CentOS
kraypiuscentos is a piece of shit
interesting observation
so_seems to be in #debian now, wonder if he likes debian or is trash talking them too
mtwocould be
I am trying to find some help with CentOS
beanso am I
mtwoI can't get connected to the netowrk or internet
beanyes you can
mtwonot with CentOS
beanyou are here so you are connected to the internet
mtwoI am using windows XP right now
Cent will not recognize my network
so_relatively new motherboard?
beanCentos will not recognize your nic

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