#centos - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 00:54 and 02:11

actionBsew64 look how to install java on the os
Bsew64look how to install java on the os
qnetjoeare there any alpha gurus here?
deepsaalpha gurus wtf
qnetjoethe dec alpha?
actionbronze_0_1 kicks his alpha system back under the table
bronze_0_1kicks his alpha system back under the table
crshmanHi all, is there a way to slipstream the latest kernel onto the install cd?
i have a fairly new mobo with via raid and the install cd is not picking up my sata drives, however from some research it looks like this issue was solved with 2.6.19
can anyone hear me? i'm on a flaky irc client....just want to make sure =(
trying a different irc client, did we see my last messages?
bronze_0_1crashev: nope
didnt see that one either
dusanvI need help with some routing. Anyone wants to take a stab?
anyone here
dusanvjust the two of us it seems
I am new to centos and fairly new with linux
ephraimI am curious about some behavior I see on this box
compared to my other linux boxes
I have an external usb drive that works fine on Suse 10.1 box
but not on this centos box
do you have some experience with this type of issues
dusanvnot really but first thing to do is to look into /var/log/messages
Anything there?
ephraimyes I did and I see some error on the scsi commands
dusanvlike what?
bidha2kbsdany schedule for CentOS 5.0 stable release?
ephraimhold on I will cut and paste few items to show you
ephraimMar 24 21:39:10 yacov kernel: SCSI error : <4 0 0 0> return code = 0x6000000
this is one of tem
sda device is recognized but after this the command fails
so_bidha2kbsd, sign up for the mailing list or the announce list
ephraimthis works fine on the other box
dusanvtry a manual mount? http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/11637.html

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