#centos - Sat 24 Mar 2007 between 00:17 and 02:39

aflury_hooray for trolls.
Pikshikhi, ppl
sklavsorry about this but is amarok included in centos 5 beta?
so anybody know the answer? if amarok is part of centos 5 beta?
hughesjrsklav: amarok is not in CentOS-5
thanks for the answer
surprised actually
hughesjr, wil;l be avail in centosplus in the future?
hughesjrnot sure ... I just looked and it is not part of Fedora
sklavits part of fc6 im pretty sure
i have it installed
althought is it part of extras that might be possible
dennisbis it possible to use fc6 extras with centos 5?
sklavdennisb im sure some packages but i dont recommend you add it to the list of repos
dennisbI've never used centos but I'm planning to try centos 5 when it is released
hughesjrdennisb: it is mostly possible to use them ... but it will not be in the future as fc6 upgrdaes
dennisbcan't be long before it is
hughesjr: ah, of course
hughesjrdennisb: but ... there will be something for CentOS5
dennisbi'm sure there will be, just like there will be something for rh5
hughesjrsklav: if it is in extras, someone will build it for EL5 ... either EPEL or dag/kbs extras
dennisb: EPEL
sklavmaybe i should float on by dags maybe he has something released i was sure it was part of the base system since kde was installed
sklav: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/epel/5/
If it is in extras ... it should eventually show up there
dennisbHehe. I thought I was in my usual channel (#postgresql) and being a little OT. I forgot that I joined #centos yesterday :-)
sklavi tried dags but i get conflict error
hughesjrsklav: I am using rpmforge for my install of CentOS 5 Beta
sklavdid you get any errors?
i just did an update and i get a missing package error
Error: Missing Dependency: libevent-1.1a.so.1 is needed by package nfs-utils
hughesjrlet me see ... right now the only thing I have installed from there is ClamAV
I did have that error WHEN
sklavcentos5 is using older version
hughesjrI setup yum-priorities and I did not set priority=1 for all the centos repos
after I added that to the centos repos in CentOS-Base.repo ... everything was fine
sklavi don't have priority either
ok so i need to add it

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