#centos - Fri 23 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:44

Evolutiondavidfetter: 2 questions. since rhel5/centos5 ships with postgresql, and is still beta, why do I care?
well, really.. just that one question...
jsoftw: really it depends more on the disk controller (drivers) than most other things.
what controller are you using out of curiosity?
jsoftwEvolution: I forget the model. Its a 4 disk SCSI raid, 256mb, raid 1+5
it is very very fast when you just copy one file
Evolutionwhy 1+5?
jsoftwbut like on any other machine running linux ( that I have been in ) it starts getting very slow when more than one disk thing is going on at one time )
redundancy and larger capacity
Evolutionjsoftw: 1+0 would give you that.
and be faster.
1+5 seems to have the belt and a set of parity suspenders.
I used to have some I/O issues also, then I learned about ext3 stride, and fixed my filesystem, enabled dir_index, and changed my elevator
system flies now after that.
some minor tuning was also required in /etc/sysctl.conf, but those were application specific
jsoftwYeah. The disks can write at around 50 - 60 mb per second continuous
Its not slow in that department
What is slow is something to dow ith the filesystem
So yep, Gotta sort that out.
Evolutionyeah. it's when you do reads while writing that it bogs down.
that's where data=writeback and a different elevator option can help (on ext3)
jsoftwI might try that.
davidfetterEvolution, sorry. on phone w/friend who's about to go into surgery
jsoftwEvolution: seems to be less reliable in the event of a crash though
Evolutiona little, but that's why ext3 is a little slower there than other filesystems.
writeback makes it behave like xfs.
jsoftwIs there a way to disable atime ( like mounting with noatime flag ) on an already mounted filesystem?
Evolutionread up on the bind option in mount's manpage.
(yes, there is a way)
davidfetterEvolution, anyhow, i'm looking at pg 8.2, which i need for a client
so i figured i'd start with the PGDG SRPMs
Evolution, any ideas about why it's complaining about this thread safety business?
Evolutiondavidfetter: have you looked in config.log like it says?
personally right now I could care less about non-centos apps on the beta. I'd rather get centos5 stable and released.
davidfetteryep. should i paste it somewhere? i can't make heads or tails of it
hrm. sorry to trouble you, then. anybody else?
EdganEvolution: any way to view the stride of a filesystem?
seekwillIf I have 2GB of RAM, is there any reason to use the 64bit version?
Edganseekwill: more registers

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