#centos - Tue 20 Mar 2007 between 10:58 and 11:05

joobiewhat conf files use regex?
actionZathrus points at the one above, as a small example.
Zathruspoints at the one above, as a small example.
apache doesnt use it
mod_rewrite does
name a conf file apart from apache
u act like it's plastered all over the confs
it's rare to see regex in a conf.
Evolutionyou haven't seen my configs
rangepostfix uses regex tables for several tasks. squid uses regex stuff in the config.
joobiefor what Evo?
Evolutionapache, postfix, and nagios mostly
joobieall of these uses of regex
are not everyday configuration options
cronZathrus: thing is the */$ etc from regex is not understood as normal regex so I doubt it will patch like he wanted. I'm pretty sure he will need it inside of a grouping.
joobiei mean how oftne do you modthe regex in squid
or in postfix
or apache
joobie: your kidding right?
Zathrusif your /etc/profile and similar don't have regex in them then I'd be fuckign stunned.
joobieapache is probably the most used of them all - and that's not a daily task.
Zathruscron: no, he's clueless.
rangejoobie: For you maybe. Not for me. Apache and Squid are daily work.
joobieive done some heavy regex
but forgotten a lot of it..
rangeSame for postfix. And amavisd - which uses regex in the configuration.
joobiepurely because i don't use it that heavily.
Zathruscron: as for the regex, again, it depends on the regex syntax for what's "normal" -- in the case of mod_rewrite that's standard syntax
spamassassin, etc. use regex as well I believe
joobieso why are you generalizing, saying you're not a sysadmin if you don't know regex that well
regardless of all that crud, that is my point.. it's a pretty stupid comment to make.
cronZathrus: Well it uses the $ to pass on the full http request so it cannot be used per a normal (atleast to my understanding) regex. I just group and match, oh well either way it will work for him ;)
noobienoobhow do i remove this? --> http://rafb.net/p/QRkSZS84.html
bitlogicwhere can I search on www.centos.org all available packages?
Zathrus"regardless of all the examples given that use regex heavily, you're wrong".... no, I'll stand by my comment. I would not hire a sysadmin that doesn't know the basics of regex.
joobierm -f index*
baconatoroh, is 1997 hiring a sysadmin?

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