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Juggiehey i've googled around and i've come up empty handed, i assume this doesnt exist but i will ask anyway. I was wondering if there is any clone for centos of the 'upstreams' online server management tool.
jbtJuggie: talking about the sattelite server?
Juggiewell i'm talking about redhat network, lets you see your servers, provision them, etc.
their online webtool, i was asking if anyone had written a version of that, googleing has turned up empty handed though so i figured i'd ask here incase i'm missing something
lang72Juggie: A tool like that should be more general if it was written as a open source tool. Something that also managed Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and so on
Juggiewell the tool exists already up2date includes that functionality.
i guess no one has re-created the backend required
but it looks like RH is going to opensource it soon so that may be soon solved.
lang72up2date is replaced in RHEL5
Juggieoh really, i hadn't tried RHEL5/CENTOS5beta yet
what is it now?
yum is more flexible and fedora uses it
Juggiei guess they have written something else to to report back to RHN then, i thought up2date did that, but admittedly the last real RH distro i've used was probally redhat7.2
look for "dude"
viperteqI have another question: If I uninstall bind and re-install it, will it generate a named.conf file?
jbtviperteq: yeah, it saves actually a copy of that file
viperteqOk... I've uninstalled Plesk using rpm and I'm getting rid of the last of the straggler files that Pleask leaves behind....
It makes it's own named.conf file, but I was hesitant to delete if there was no way that I could get the system to generate a new one.....
So it should be safe for me to delete the named.conf file and zone files that Plesk creates since bind will make new versions correct?
jsharperi dont think bind will make new versions, but the caching-nameserver package comes with one
er comes with sample/started config files
you'll have to create zone files manually for zones that you want to be authoritative for
so if you already have zone files for any of your zones/domains, i'd save them
Invisible_SlackHaving a little problem gettings Centos installed. When I get to the "test media" Box my USB Keyboard/Mouse don't work at all, I'm running through a KVM Switch so I plugged them directly to PC and same problem.. I tried another set of USB Keyboard/Mouse and same problem.. CentOS known to have problems with USB keyboard/mouse?
evil_steveInvisible_Slack: I use a USB keyboard and mouse on my servers without a problem, but then I'm running fairly new hardware.
Invisible_SlackMotherboard is a K8T Neo V with a 2500+ Sempron
alleycatInvisible_Slack: I've heard of this problem before, it happened to a friend who was hosting someone else's server
evil_stevehave you done the "enable USB Support" and "enable legacy USB support" options in BIOS?
alleycatsince it was a production server he just switched to a PS2 kb
Invisible_Slackevil_steve, Yes I have Windows see's them just fine, I even said ok Lets disable Legacy Support and that cut windows use, Fedora/Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Open Suse/Slackware all use the Keyboard/Mouse proper
evil_steve, Yea I'm going to bring it to work tomorrow since I work at a computer shop and try a PS/2 Keyboard and see if that works but it doesn't help me since I got the KVM Switch so I didn't have to have 2 keyboards/mouses on my Desk :S
evil_steveat install time, or after booting and loading all the right modules?
Invisible_SlackI can press Enter at Boot Parms.. Then when it gets to "Test Install Media" I lose all function
evil_steveie - all the different distro's work after they're booting into the gui
CentOS, SME SErver are the only ones I've tried so far that don't work
I posted on the CentOS forums and the SME Servers just now maybe can get some light on this a little more, but Knoppix/Gentoo Live CD's also work perfect

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