#centos - Mon 12 Mar 2007 between 15:20 and 16:01

[jrj]Do you have local machines you want to resolv, while connected to vpn - wich is not in the VPN'ed nameserver ?
r2biti wan't to use VPN'ed nameserver for VPN hosts and ISP's default nameserver for other
using OpenVPN btw
[jrj]why not just having the VPN'ed nameserver - forward your request to whatever upstream nameserver it points to
r2bitcause the distance between the VPN server and the client is pretty big.. and it would slow things down
[jrj]havent tried that setup
xFlux"<Mrdini> xFlux, that's a totally different issue to the one here" <--- You were concerned about security
r2bitwell.. it seems i have to hardcode all the hostnames in /etc/hosts :P
NthDegreedoes anyone here have access to the SRPM for the RHEL5 kernel?
beneHi, i have a problem regarding syslog. My /var/log/messages, /var/log/secure, /var/log/cron etc are all empty. I pasted syslog.conf, /etc/sysconfig/syslog .. here: http://rafb.net/p/G63DOZ54.html. When i restart a service like named or dhcp nothing happens in messages. any ideas? Even boot.log is empty. Im running centos 4.4 i386
NthDegreeI know it's a little OT but pweeese a bit of help since I was a little impatient waiting on Cent 5
flakratI don't think RHEL5 releases until Wednesday
alleycatbene: do you have enough space in the /var/log partition ?
Zathrusbene: is /var/log on an LVM?
Zathrusbene: are you QUITE sure that all the disks in that LVM are still in existence?
I've had a disk failure that left my system up, mostly, but created a similar problem.
benehow can i check that remote via ssh?
df shows plenty room
Zathrusbene: poke around in /dev/ide or with hdparm
bene: in my case there was plenty of room. Except that the room was on the disk that no longer cared to speak to my system.
but LVm was quite sure that there was still room.
beneZathrus: I have a 3ware raid0 in that system. dmesg and fdisk look good. I can echo 1 > /var/log/2 as root and i can cat /var/log/2 so lvm seems ok.
Zathrusbene: dunno then; my FS became ro at that point
cleanproDoes centos have a support channel?
boudiccasyes, you're in it
hughesjrcleanpro: you can get help here ...
Zathrusboudiccas: shhhh!
boudiccasooops sorry :(
cleanprogreat thanks
well here's my issue
We have centos running on a server that is hosting about 60 websites
and today the system wont boot up all the way
hughesjrwhere does it hang?
boudiccasdid you get an error message?
cleanproi get an error saying no inittab file found
that is strange ...
cleanproi know

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