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X-Rob_Can anyone clue me up with a simple way to install X and gnome _after_ doing a serveCD install?
weird_guyX-Rob_: man yum grouplist and yum groupinstall
X-Rob_sweet, thanks
skywalkerhello ppl
need help here
I have 8GB of memory
and free -m shows that i have only 16Mb of free memory and around 5GB of memory has apparently been cached
many of my applications are abnormally quitting because of lack of memory
How can i fix this?
anyone here?
euclidskywalker: the OS should give back the cached memory when an app needs it. how do you know that is why they are crashing?
and if they are, it's really the app's fault, not the OS
anelits the old kernels fault
skywalkerwell i hope that is true, No swap being utilized, When the application quits, it gives me an error saying that "No memory left to allocate" and Mysql says "got error 12 from engine" -> which is apparently because of lack of memory
anelI always upgrade my kernel to the 2.7.x series
skywalkeranything better in the 2.7.x series?
anelsounds like a configuration error
app says "allocate X MB" you are reading X as bytes
(or K)
euclidyes, I would contact the app vendor as to why it's doing that. As far as I know, there's no way (or reason) to prevent the OS from caching disk in RAM.
aneluse strace on the app in question, see what it is asking alloc for in terms of memory
skywalkerWill do
anelskywalker: use the force here.... there really is NO 2.7.x kernel
skywalkerrofl :))
euclidespecially if you have swap free, there's something going on with the app
skywalkeri have around 16GB of swap and only around 120 Kb or it is being used!
aneleuclid: did evil one release c5beta?
euclidit has not been released yet, no
actionanel slaps Evolution around like the school girl he is
anelslaps Evolution around like the school girl he is
actioneuclid goes home
euclidgoes home
skywalkeris it strace or stace?
but euclid y2DST isn't even upon us yet
rado1that memory bit...couple things come to mind...
if you have something redundant going on
I doublt it but possibly bad mem chip

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