#centos - Thu 1 Mar 2007 between 02:00 and 02:09

Daemoenthey dont have that setup
peerceum, osql is part of SQL Server, even SQL Express
command line tool
its in a nasty path on windows
somewhere in \program files\
dont have terminal server access.
peerceoh christ.
Daemoenvery few *shared* hosts will ever give out terminal server access on a windows box :p
peercethen someone will need a windows box (can be XP) with the SQL Server tools.
oh, this is a SHARED WINDOWS HOST?
run away.
Daemoeni said that earlier.
dont have a choice
linux cant run asp.net 2
peercesure you do. walk away.
Daemoeneven under mono.
peercefind a new partner or something.
Daemoenheh, thats easy for someone in a it based location
im in the middle of fuckin nowhere
if mono supported asp.net 2.0 id find a way of getting a linux host that uses mono
but then, you still have the issue of sql version being ms
peerceInit-X; found your DNS.
Init-X: http://pastebin.ca/376700
mono is a joke
chasing a moving target.
ill take mono over true windows any day
peerceyou a php programmer or what? http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/alberto20000919.php3 thats how to access SQL server from PHP on linux.
Daemoenthat might work :)
peerceif you prefer java, I'm sure there's jdbc jars too
Init-Xpeerce-> thank you :p
peerceyou should realize, that windows mysql server might not all any access from outside.
in fact, they'd be damn stupid to allow it
unless you have some sort of VPN access
Daemoenthey have it setup to allow the sql management tools from 2005 and such to allow it
the server is not overly secure from what i can tell
as when you connect to the shared provider, you can *see* everyones stuff, just cant "access" it... but there are ways around that
peerceI suggest you jump to page 4 of that article, and start with ODBC, I'm pretty sure TDS is deprecated and unsupported.

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