#centos - Tue 27 Feb 2007 between 00:59 and 01:45

mishehuwhat is the preferred way to keep a system up-to-date? up2date? yum?
excuse the newb question, I come from a world without this type of package management.
so_mishehu, yum is the Centos updater
you can use up2date if you like, but ultimately on Centos it would use yum as it's backend
jbtmishehu: do yourself a favor by reading man yum first, to avoid the usual pitfull
mishehuugh, these putzes at dotster's vps hosting site couldn't install centos if their life counted on it.
they didn't put either one on.
"let's give you root access to a system, but make you jump hoops in order to install anything on it, including subversion"
thanks for the pointer guys
I'll put together the dependencies for yum from the centos 4 install.
at least they put rpm on the system...
so_mishehu, many vpses either have their own updating system, or they remove the standard utils because of heavy customizing
or reason X, Y or Z, I don't know for sure
mishehuah ok.
well if they don't want you to do that level of customizing they should out a policy about that. heh. they didn't.
as it was I had a heck of a time getting php5 on it.
so_you might not even have rpm, although it's fun to play with rpm2cpio for that :)
mishehunah, I do have rpm.
I just had a heck of a time finding the right rpms for php5. heh.
so_ah, there is a repo that is hosting php5 rpms I can't recall which one
CentosPlus I think
mishehuI already forgot where I got them from, but that might be it.
donno why they didn't call it Centos++ ;-)
hmm since when does subversion have a dependency on guile? odd. I've built that from source several times...
hmm that yum does make it nice though.
jbtmishehu: put something, protect plugin for yum if ever you intend to use other repos
mishehujbt: I'll try to avoid doing that for now. what does the protect plugin do?
jbtmishehu: http://wiki.centos.org/PackageManagement/Yum/ProtectBase
mishehujbt: thanks for the tip
fatalexeuh, I just got done telling the javascript channel how centos was the only operating system this computer would run with. I think I need to get some sleep.
mishehuheh, didn't know there was a javascript specific channel
thought it was just all under #web.
fatalexeWell, i'm wrestling with doing a php/mysql HTM_AJAX app for a final project for my associates in programming. Just got subversion working, trying to wrestle up a good first commit
Hosting it at home from my dsl has been great. ^.^ I feel sorry for all the other students using XAMPP and whatnot win32 server junk....
mishehusvn commit -m "Commit me to the insane asylum! ha ha hee hee ho ho!"
actionmishehu grins.
fatalexeWouldn't that be the code to pay-pals credit card payment gateway?
JoBbZIs there a web searchable list of the RPMs included in CentOS? In particular, I'm looking for tomcat, jboss, and mod_jk
peercethere's no java other than gcc-java in centos, as its not GPL

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