#centos - Sun 25 Feb 2007 between 00:01 and 02:48

r2bitcapt-rogers: http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/enterprise/RHEL-4-Manual/sysadmin-guide/ch-httpd-secure-server.html
mx-5Has anybody upgraded to firefox 2.0 on centos 4.4?
OuttaLuckhey....I have a switch connected to a centos 4.4 box via a serial port...i would use mgetty to connect to it, right?
so_I usually use minicom, but that's me
OuttaLuckahhh, ok
Aces1Uphey all anyone know how i start and stop the apache service?
what the command is?
jennam/etc/init.d/httpd stop
^piggy^or "service httpd stop"
it also accepts start and restart
peerceand reload to reread the config files without actually stopping
breakdiskguys,does centos 4.4 supported the xen already?
peercebreakdisk; you can, I believe, install and configure Xen, but it doesn't come with it built in
have you release the centos 5?
peerceno, centos5 isn't ready yet, won't be until after upstream releases RHEL 5
breakdiskok thanks peerce.
thecoolone19does centos have any date history tool?
peercedate history? huh?
thecoolone19i mean, a software where i can insert data for a particular date saying that on this day something happened on 1997
peercethecoolone19; like, a text editor?
DocHollidayhah i have never done a minimal install of anything
anyone done a grsec kernel install?
rado_peerce, you here?
thecoolone19does anyone know a tool where i can enter events that happened at a particular date in the past.
rado_how do you have your data laid out?
thecoolone19rado_: are you asking me ?
there is really just you and me here right now I suppose
DocHollidayno grsec people around?
thecoolone19what i want is like a tool that can tell me that on this day this event happend in the past
rado_where you gonna get the data from?
thecoolone19i am gonna enter the data manually
peerceso put the data in a database (postgres, whatever), then write a program to fetch it and display it on demand.
rado_kk...this is just me...I'd really look at mysql
hi peerce!
peercemysql is barf.
rado_you reckon?
peercedatabase server for people who don't know what a relational database is.

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