#centos - Mon 19 Feb 2007 between 14:40 and 14:48

entr0pyok, i don't have time today to do a full wireshark debug session, i'll have to come back with more details later
range: thanks
rangeentr0py: Sorry, but I'm a little out of ideas.
entr0pyrange: same here, at least for now
rangeentr0py: Are you running selinux on the vm?
rangeOr, what you could do: Stop sshd on the vm and start "sshd -ddd -p 22" as root - this should start a debug session of sshd on port 22.
If SELinux allows root to do so.
hal23456range - do you know how closely the version that samba is at now in the yum is to the upstream provider's version?
rangeAnd you maybe have to use the complete path.
hal23456: It's from the same sources.
Zathrus-2hal: exact same
range"hal23456: rpm -q --changelog | head -10" shows you the changes from 3.0.10-1.4.9
hal23456and the same syntax is used for the version number, ie 3.0.10-1.4E.11
rangehal23456: Yes.
hal23456thank you range and zathrus
rangeMore on the fix: <https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2007-0060.html>
entr0pyrange: Bind to port 22 on failed: Address already in use.
rangeentr0py: Did you stop sshd first?
entr0pybut there is nothing running on 22 because i stopped sshd
Zathrus-2entr0py: how did you stop sshd?
entr0pyservice sshd stop
Zathrus-2and how long was it before you tried starting the new process?
entr0py30 seconds or so
Zathrus-2wait at least 2 minute
rangeentr0py: Yeah, you'll probably find some "AVC denied" in your logfiles now.
Zathrus-2: Or SELinux doesn't allow him to do that.
sw-this "bind failed" error is normal and is due to ipv6
entr0pyso, funny thing is, it says it can't bind, but it's on the port answering to a telnet port 22 to the vm
rangesw-: ipv6 bind fails on
sw-either you disable ipv6 or specify the listenaddress
range : yeah go figure
entr0pysw-: ah, that makes sense
hal23456that is a cool command, range (changelog) - I didn't know htat
rangeentr0py: And you're seeing debugging output on your console?
Zathrus-2range: yes, but I'd be surprised if that was it, since he's not trying to use a strange port

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