#centos - Sun 18 Feb 2007 between 08:07 and 08:24

thekewlone19can anyone help me installing a nameserver in CentOS 4.4 ?
hughesjrthekewlone19: sure ... what is the problem
thekewlone19i want to install a BIND in CentOS that runs inside a VM
any good how to's ?? i searched on google, but they are for debian, but none for VM's
hugh: can you help me out ? or show me a right direction ?
hughesjrwell ... if you are sshed into the vm it is like any other server
as far as installing bind for a name server, you need to install bind, bind-libs, bind-utils
thekewlone19but how can set it up as a BIND server ?? do i need to do create public keys or do something like that ?
devhenthekewlone19: yum install bind bind-libs bind-utils
devhenthekewlone19: system-config-services to set bind (named) to start automatically at boot
thekewlone19and then i just need to make changes in /etc/named.conf right ?
devhenthekewlone19: system-config-securitylevel to open the named port
thekewlone19: yep. and any zone files will be linked in /etc/named.conf (they reside in /var/spool/named IIRC)
thekewlone19cant i change that location to some other directory ?
hughesjrthekewlone19: once you install the packages, you can use rndc-confgen to make a new rndc key if you like
thekewlone19i am new to all this, so dont mind me asking whats rndc ?
hughesjrthekewlone19: I think they are going to be in /var/lib/named unless you use a chroot'ed bind ... (I normally do not do that, others do)
devhenthekewlone19: you can store the zone files anywhere you want. they just need to be referenced from /etc/named.conf
thekewlone19ohh ic
hughesjrthekewlone19: do "man rndc" and man "rndc-confgen"
i get No manual entry for rndc
hughesjrthekewlone19: need to isntall bind fist
first :P
hughesjrit generates keys so you can do updates only from certian machines, etc.
thekewlone19a noob IRC q, how are you able to out my id before what you type??
devhenstart typing a users name and then hit tab
unless yer on a crappy irc client ;)
hughesjrdepends on the IRC clients ... but for xChat ... use a tab
hughesjr, thanx mate
hughesjr, its soo cool :P
devhen, thanx to you too
hughesjr, how to setup my BIND server so that its a DNS server for my site ?
hughesjryou will need to install the pacakges and create a /etc/named.conf file and the following files in /var/named/lib ... a hints file (normally called named.ca), the zone files you want to control
thekewlone19: I did create a guide for this using CentOS-3 a long time ago

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