#asterisk - Wed 9 May 2007 between 01:34 and 01:52

ManxPowerSwK: If you want to see some horrible macros that used to be mostly compat with asterisk 1.x see http://www.fnords.org/~eric/macros.inc
SwKthats ok i'll pass
i have my own horrible macros
mrchickenRyanW --> yeah. but I cant find anything there
I mean, the links are dead
ohadzhi, i am trying to setup asterisk-gui -- when i login i get a blank page where i should have -- Welcome to Asterisk GUI setup wizard
mrchickenohadz --> Did you add the webenabled=yes line to the manager.conf?
ohadzMrChicken, yes
mrchickenpermissions OK?
ohadzMrChicken, [manager] secret=manager read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config
wolferinewhat manager command do I use to track phone calls, both incoming and outgoing?
mrchickenno i meant on the files :P
ohadzMrChicken, what should it be?
mrchickenperhaps :p
Although lately I thnk asterisk whines for 777d files
I think u should check the logs
good luck finding them :)
ohadzMrChicken, i get the page "Welcome to Asterisk GUI setup wizard" but nothing in it -- no option to click "next"
mrchickenah I had the exact same prob
it was all in the manager.conv
ohadzMrChicken, what did you do?
mrchickenthe webenabled=yes
and there is another line
but I cant remember what the damned line was :$
mrchickenmaybe in #asterisknow u'll get lucky?
If ya dont
add me
thats my msn
talk to me tomorrow at 10am
12 hrs
and I'll give ya my config
ohadzcool. thanks
mrchickennow if you would be willing to sacrifice your neihbor (only if its a she and pretty) in some kind of ritual to me... I'd be thankful
Anywho.. I'm outta here

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