#asterisk - Mon 7 May 2007 between 00:00 and 13:22

JTi know what you mean
you need to explain the setup better
JTwhat sort of pstn connection?
docelmoCell phone or Home Phone -> Called Toll Free -> Routed to TF Vendor -> MVTS II(My switch) -> Asterisk(Customer's App_Queue)
JTcell phone acts the same as home phone?
JTmake sense for it to fade in and out on cell phone
docelmoJust fades in and out.. I have done a RTP debug and found that when no audio packets are coming to the asterisk box it doesnt send any of the MOH packets to the caller
JTbut landline is weird
docelmoI was told this is a CN or VAD issue
I am trying to figure out if I can resolve it in asterisk some where
JTdoes the asterisk box have any zaptel timing?
I can install it if need be
well ZTdummy
JTi think MoH needs zap timing
docelmoLet me google.. This is the first time I have heard this
Well its app_queue not so much MOH even tho MOH has the same issue
JTmaybe it also has a bug when VAD is turned on, i dunno
Strom_Masterisk doesn't support VAD
docelmoI know
menaromosty: Yes, I've tried that :)
iCEBrkrSo what are cheap options for SMS in the US?
menaromosty: So punching #5 on transfer will give "Spawn extension (someextension, 5, 0)"
ZeeekiCEBrkr for what?
iCEBrkrZeeek: To send SMS messages. I was check'n out bayhams... *shrug*
There's got to be something besides them.
Zeeekfor what purpose, business or pleasure
iCEBrkrPleasure? How about tinkering?
Zeeeka lot of sites send sms now, stuff like twitter
tinkering, twitter and jaiku for sure
you can send a zillion free sms
skype does it but not free
iCEBrkrSo what? I write something using CURL() to interface Asterisk to Twitter?
ZeeekiCEBrkr easily, the API is public

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