#asterisk - Sun 6 May 2007 between 00:46 and 01:08

LeddyHMnew provider ;)
mattwj2005don't they confirm to standards or what is the deal?
LeddyHMthey are blaming everything
they say we need to upgrade to 1.4
to be able to change our tone timing
or as Bill and Ted would say Bogus ;)
LeddyHMI can see the tones going in from phone, and going out to them
so somewhere something is getting lost in translation
mattwj2005anyone have any ideas?
I don't know much about dtmf
are you finding any help on the wiki?
LeddyHMI was able to make a call with nufone (finally) and ad no issue at all
but it was iax and gsm, vs sip and ulaw
LeddyHMnot sure if that makes any difference
mattwj2005yeah I really don't know
LeddyHMshido: exactly!
mattwj2005I recommend drinking a nice Diet Dew and relax :)
shido6jer isnt answering the batphone :)
LeddyHMhe was here earlier
jershido6, ?
LeddyHMI think he wants you to fix sip
it no workie
DocHollidayany wholesale providers in here?
have you looked at any of these pages?
LeddyHMI've looked at a lot :|
apparantely firefox needs to update
so I'll look in a sec and see if they look familiar
mattwj2005oh I am not a lot of help...but I figured it was worth a shot
here is a good note too
Inband DTMF won't work unless the codec is ulaw or alaw (G711). Use out of band DTMF aka rfc2833 or info.
Also, dtmfmode=info does not work with Asterisks voicemail system (this statement is most likely incorrect).
LeddyHMwe use rfc2833
and ulaw

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